Saturday, 21 March 2009

Chav Logic Jeremy?

"THIS week Gordon Brown, who is the Prime Minister, made it clear that he would not be imposing dramatic price rises on booze.

Brown, however, wasn’t having any of it because he realised the new tax would penalise the vast majority of people who drink moderately and sensibly.


Quite right too.


However, this begs a question. Why doesn’t Brown apply the same logic to everything else?

My ten-year-old daughter is not allowed to take a tube of toothpaste on a plane because of some angry Muslims in a cave in Afghanistan.

My car costs a fortune to insure because people in Peugeots can’t go to the shops without mowing down a bus queue.

I can’t let my dogs kill a rat because of some vegetarians in Hackney. Soon, you will have to carry an ID card because of a bunch of Somalian turnip pickers in East Anglia. My tax bill is horrendous because a tiny number of people claim they are too fat to get a job. And all this is before we get to the roads, where I have to dawdle home at 50mph because 60 is deemed too dangerous for the tiny minority of useless, weak, muddle-headed imbeciles who think that driving a car is somehow difficult.....


SO, David Cameron wants the licence fee frozen for the year so the BBC understands what it’s like in the real world.

Hmmm. Surely, if the BBC gets less money, the people who are out of work won’t be able to find anything to watch on television because all the people who should be making it are out of work as well...."

You tell him Jeremy!

The Sun

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