Saturday, 21 March 2009

One in 60 Children Suffer From Autism?

While I was reading this "article" all I could think of was, what rubbish! There's a photo on this story in the Daily Mail of a child lying on a supermarket floor, so what? A friend of mine years ago had a daughter that used to throw wobblies and lay on the floor when she didn't get her own way.. she wasn't autistic, she was naughty. 

Are we making up excuses for bad behaviour by describing them as having a medical condition or are those chemicals that we pump into our kids under duress from the Government actually doing them some harm? 

I've had the MMR and Whooping Cough discussion with many teachers, doctors and "educated" people, my opinion remains the same, I didn't have mine vaccinated for the simple fact that I believed the vaccines were dangerous. I don't believe in pumping chemicals into children, especially when it comes to inflicting a small baby with more than one disease at a time.

So what is it? I want to know. I want to be able to tell my VERY HEALTHY DAUGHTERS that I protected by not them having vaccinated, whether they should have my grandchildren "protected" or will they become autistic?

It's fucking out of order! It's not acceptable. You can't just say 1 in 60 kids are autistic and not tell people why. What will it lead to now? Will all parents who can't control their kids now think they have an autistic child?

The medical profession should concentrate on curing people instead of killing them in National Health Hospitals. Mr Cohen seems hell bent on worrying the hell out of parents and grandparents, irresponsible medicine, irresponsible wanker!.

I am somehow fucked up in the head I think.. the first thing I do is check Amazon to see if the fucker that came up with this theory has a book coming out.. and would you Adam and Eve it... Simon Baron-Cohen of Cambridge University has a book coming out soon, I'm sorry, (cunt!).. Aggghhhh.. Why have I become so cynical and filled with rage!

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen (Wanker Extraordinaire)

For Fucks Sake, Fuck Off!


  1. The vaccines are safe. They always were, there was never any reasoned doubt. The science that was claimed to suggest they were not is so deeply flawed that it should never have been published; in fact even on its own poor terms it did not support the conclusion that vaccines caused autism. Not only that but the fears of vaccines are different in every country, yet the people are the same, and believe these fears with pretty much the same vehemence.

    By not vaccinating your children not only did you put them at risk (I am glad to hear that the risk has not yet been realised) but you put other people's children at risk of infectious diseases that can cause permanent disability and even kill. All due to a media myth.

    By the way you give your children chemicals every day. Foodstuffs, drinks even water are chemicals. The world is made of chemicals. You are making an irrational distinction between these and chemicals that can help the health of your children.

  2. I suggest you give this a quick read : educate yourself as to how us lesser beings think!

    You can't have it both ways

  3. Apparently one of the claims of the primal diet is that it cures autism.

  4. Dear Mr Richard,

    It is not for arrogant cunts like you to tell parents how to treat their own children.

    Instead of talking of "reasoned doubt" and "media myths" and "irrational distinctions" why don't you drop the air of assumed faux superiority, take your nose out of the air, and your head out of your arse and just fuck off.

    The people who put children at risk are the arrogant, authoritarian bastards like you who refuse to provide single dose vaccines to those who want them.

  5. Sue, you little diamond. I fisked this shit over at my place, but the one thing I couldn't figure out was what this guy was doing this study for, and why the results were being published now. As I said in my article, stats gathered by people with a vested interest in the outcome are never to be trusted, but I couldn't figure out what his interest was. A book, it appears, is the answer to this little mystery. Sue the Super Sleuth.
    Mummy x