Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Brown's Complete Drivel to Congress!

What complete and utter crap he is talking... He hasn't a clue what planet he is on! Right, you've had the highlight of your career, now come home and fuck off! 

I had to split the final recording into four parts (too big for utube), I left the subtitles up there for those of you who are hard of hearing or want an extra laugh as they are sometimes more entertaining than the speech!

Full speech here (so you can read along, fun)...and a nice couple of fellow blogger entries to accompany the movies and to amuse you!





"more children around the world are going to school" except in the UK that is where standards have dropped so badly they had to dumb down the exams. More children leave school than ever now completely illiterate!

"our nation's determination that they [troops] shall not have died in vain", except of course in two useless wars, one of which was highly illegal!

"suspend your [Iran] nuclear programme. And we will work tirelessly with all those in the international community who are ready to reduce the threat of nuclear proliferation", it's OK that we have them of course, but YOU can't!

"And let me promise you our continued support to ensure there is no hiding place for terrorists, no safe haven for terrorism" , except in the UK of course where we allow them to not only flourish but pay for them to come home in luxury, live in comfort at taxpayers expense and let the electorate pay for the best lawyers to protect their arses!

"For me, this global recession is not to be measured just in statistics, or in graphs or in figures on a balance sheet" and I definitely won't admit that I had ANYTHING to do with it, everyone else is to blame, BUT ME!!!!

" no special interest so strong that it should ever stand in the way of the change that hard-working families need", we are making that change by controlling every aspect of their lives now!

"In our families and workplaces and places of worship," except the Christians, they deserve nothing!

"In these days the world has learned that what makes for the good economy makes for the good society", a tenet that I know NOTHING ABOUT!!!

Gordon, it's all CRAP! You are living on a higher plane obviously, you do not see life as it really is, you are clearly deluded and everyone in that hall knows it!

PS. If you want to know how to convert your DVD recordings to upload to utube, email me and I'll send you instructions (its's all freeware) :)

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