Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Socialists Desert Labour - Whoops

Seems as though the Socialists want to form a new party. I can't say I blame them. I'm no leftie but I agree with their comments on our democratic freedoms being eroded..."We need a new mass workers' party so that we do have an alternative to vote for.". Socialist Party Article Here

This is a dangerous development for Labour, if they don't have the socialists thats a large part of their supporters gone and possibly the beginning of the end.. I hope !


  1. Christ on a tricycle. If the rats are abandoning the ship, then NuLab are completely done for.
    Still, I'm very unhappy about the idea of socialists joining together - well - anywhere to form more opinions on how to tell people what to do because it's 'good' for them.

  2. They won't win next time.

    But the thing is, whoever wins next time inherits a poisoned chalice.

    It's a bit like the trick in 1992 was to LOSE the election. Because ever won, was doomed.

  3. I am just concerned we will have more of the same with the Conservatives. They haven't exactly objected to much of the "surveillance" stuff in the past.

  4. The top echelons of the Tory Party are pretty much professional politicians from the same mould as New Labour - ideological putty intending to take their shape from focus groups and swing voters.
    Half the best of the conservatives are UKIP supporters and their votes will hurt the C& U P.
    Ye gods, I hate the federasts and the modernizers.

  5. You really can't blame everyone voting BNP at the end of the day, there is NO ONE ELSE!