Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Boris has renewed his call to give nearly a million illegal immigrants an amnesty...

In times of high employment and a healthy economy, this would be a sensible thing to do but we are in the shit Boris!

The Conservatives need to muzzle him or they will lose thousands of votes to the BNP!


  1. Hey Boris, what kind of activities do young, single men tend to take part in if they have no work?

    Charitable acts, perhaps, or handicrafts? Becoming fixtures in public libraries? Silent and warm-spirited prayer?

    Found self-help and self-education groups?

    Well, no. They do the other kinds of things. And they don't concern 'using services lightly.'
    Not when th esmoke settles.

    Boris. What a disappointment. Typical political class numpty.

  2. I know, do you think he is trying to ensure his tenure as Major for life?

  3. Did you ever see 'Borios the Menace' in Private Eye?

  4. I have to agree with all your post. This overcrowded shit hole created by Labour has no place for these people, who are little more than criminals. Boris is barking here and needs to wake up to the reality of trafficking and the crime that emanates from the loss of border controls.

  5. Nor only that... Spain did the same thing and now it has another million waiting for it to happen again.. it never ends!