Tuesday, 10 March 2009


I see Mandelgit is talking a load of crap again today! "Migrant workers take jobs that Britons are unwilling to fill". He also thinks that the British are "too lazy to take jobs being snapped up by immigrants.". 

Now we know what he thinks of the electorate, he hates Britons, perhaps he should go back to Brussels!

I have a suggestion you pompous arse. I know it's logical and therefore not part of the NuLabour Party Process....

We have a few million unemployed now, don't we? Why not offer THEM the jobs first?

Why not force those unwilling to work to take the jobs or they lose their benefit? Killing the proverbial two birds with one jobseeker! We get one person off the dole and the taxpayer has to fork out for one person less.

It discourages migrants and helps the economy too..... so many benefits I hear you cry!

See Mandelgit, its not hard running a government... but, you actually have to be living on the same planet as everyone else!

The Express and many other papers are running this story this morning.

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  1. Maybe he should take a look in a Jobcentre, I did and its a most depressing site seeing all those people who's lives who have been ruined by James Gordon Brown.

  2. He wouldn't dream of going anywhere so common! Is it that bad? It's difficult to gauge when you are in a foreign country. I just know that some of my friends in the UK are desperate for jobs. They'll do cleaning, anything... and still nothing is around.