Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Royal Anglian Regiment Parade in Luton

Angry scenes have accompanied a march of more than 200 soldiers through a Bedfordshire town centre to mark their return from Iraq.

It happened as the 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, known as the Poachers, paraded through Luton.

Anti-war protesters held placards saying "Anglian Soldiers Go To Hell" and "Butchers of Basra".



The Homecoming Parade, organised by the borough council, marks the regiment's second tour of Iraq in past two years.

Two lines of police officers protected the anti-war protesters from a large number of locals, some waving Union and St George's flags.

Police dogs and riot vans were also called to the scene to keep the two sides apart.

As the soldiers reached Luton Town Hall the small group of protesters shouted "Terrorists" and "Anglian Soliders Go to Hell".

The protesters then had to be protected by police as supporters of the soldiers turned on them shouting "Scum" and "No surrender to the Taleban."

Luton's Mayor Councillor Lakhbir Singh said: "The Royal Anglian Regiment was given freedom of the town some years ago and we are proud to welcome them back."

The battalion, currently based at Celle near Hanover in Germany, recruits from several areas including Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire.


In 2006 Pte Joseva Lewaicei and Pte Adam Morris died in a roadside bomb attack outside Basra.

Just to clarify why I am so angry - I come from an army background, I was born into the army, I am married to an ex royal engineer and most of our friends are ex servicemen and women....

Personally, I think we should bring our people home and let them sort it out themselves! Why should our troops make an effort for this sort of ungrateful behaviour?

Private Adam Morris and Private Joseva Lewaicei both of The 2nd Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment, died after a roadside bomb exploded in Basra on May 13 2006


These stroppy "children" should have been arrested for inciting violence. The Government need to ensure that when they create these laws that they are enforced on everyone and not just there to protect minorities.

Can you imagine what the outcome would have been if a bunch of white boys with skinhead haircuts had protested with banners saying "muslim killers, muslim baby killers etc...?"

We all know the answer to that!

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The Sun (With Comment from Ross Kemp)


  1. I don't argue with your anger, Sue; nor its causes, but:
    "Why should our troops make an effort for this sort of ungrateful behaviour?"

    Well, I suppose, because we're the good guys and not every Muslim in the world wants to live in an Islaminazi hell-hole.

    And those Islamist scum should be investigated as terrorist sympathizers forthwith.

  2. I'm furious. Luton is somewhere I used to know rather well in better days. I know many people from Luton (including Hindu's I might add) who are all sick to death of these people.

    It's about time the government called this treason!

  3. "Luton's Mayor Councillor Lakhbir Singh"
    Why oh why was this mass immigration foisted on us?
    One factor was the need to placate The Colonies in order to rescue much of the wealth held in those countries. Especially India. Yet over the years we have become a "mecca" for every third world dump on the planet. Furthermore we pay benefits, school and nurse them all. No wonder we're broke.
    As for Iraq, leave them to it. Afghanistan too. We can't afford the cost in lives or money.

  4. Oldrrightie, you're a man after my own heart. You know, I have no objection to immigration. When you work in IT a vast majority of your colleagues are Hindu's and I've never met one I didn't like... I have no objection (if the economy requires it) to immigration of any kind but this government has taken the piss!

    If these "radicals" are so bothered about what's happening, why don't they go over to Iraq and Afghanistan and help their fellow man? Why not, because they're placard waving cowards and life is hard in countries like that, no benefits, no Luton University with grants.... that's why.. I'd still do them for treason if it was up me..

  5. As was pointed out in the comments at my place

    "O/T but following your mummylonglegs link took me to the 'protest' in Luton against our brave soldiers parading.
    Given what a huge minority the Muslims form in that benighted town, it really was a very tiny affair."

    I haven't really got an answer as to why that should be except, that it may have been a training mission of some kind?

    Some of those in the burkhas look a bit "blokey" to me. Were they there to record the reactions for propaganda purposes? Or something else?

  6. I bet I'd get arrested if I held a placard saying "Mohamed the paedophile is already in hell"?

  7. I have it on excellent authority that the police were fully prepared for it to get nasty.. burkhas should be banned. Not only are they demeaning to women but they are a security risk!

  8. AntiCitizenOne.. anything "anti" islam and you would be arrested, we all know that... appeasement of the radicals!

  9. Having scanned a good proportion of the blogs that are reporting this, it seems to me that it was a propaganda exercise. It also seems to have been pretty effective, judging by the comments on those blogs. Lots of angry infidels and at least two arrests of non muslims. Air time on national news for the protesters and politicians.

    The Poachers are marching through Watford tomorrow. Maybe there is an opportunity for a similar display against the haters?

    Maybe demonstrating, with nice peaceful banners and stuff, just how wrong the antis were in their unsupported assumptions?

    just sayin'

  10. Sue, you don't have to say anything involving Islam.
    Here's a good one:

    Christians In Support of Soldiers.


    Aetheists Giving All Non Secularists Time.


    Christians Against Theist(sp)Stupidity.

  11. Humourists Against Twats Existence?

    I'll get me coat!

  12. Disgusting. Disgraceful. the description is wrong though. These people are not anti-war, they are just on the other side.

    Also they should note that in our culture covering the face is a sign of ill intent. It signals the wish to hide identity in order to get away with wrong doing. Where are the complaints from the "liberals" and the left about cultural sensitivity?

  13. As for leaving Afghanistan, it is impractical. It would be great to do, but unless we leave a stable nation then we just allow a place to attack the West again.

    These people need to be reminded that Afghanistan attacked the USA. The terrorism of September 2001 was an act of war, by an organisation so closely linked with the then de facto government that experts on that region called the local groups "Al-Qaida/Taliban". The USA quite rightly responded, and we are her ally. Remember also that the USA and UK were not the primary invading force. We supported an invasion by Afghan forces with as much right to the country as the Taliban. We then helped them set up a government which has some deomocratic legitimacy, and stayed to help them.

  14. Richard, Of course they're not anti-war, they're troublemakers and would shit a brick if you put an AKA in their hands and shipped them to Pakistan to fight their cause.

    Women in Afghanistan died to be rid of the Burkha.. the women who wear them now are ignorant, stupid and it should be made illegal!

    I totally agree, the troops are there for a purpose, but why are these people allowed to "incite violence" as they clearly did, when politicians such as Wilders are not allowed free speech?

    The police were warned about this gathering. I have it on good authority that they knew something would happen.

    We have a cowardly government who would rather give the whole of the UK ID cards than suggest that just the last generation of immigrants has them...

  15. Larson,
    These "muslims" were spotted giving out the leaflets advertising this demonstration on buses and in the street. They were obviously hoping for a much bigger turnout.

    They should have been arrested immediately and put in a cell until the parade was over.

  16. You are quite right Sue. The government blame people for inciting violent muslim extremists, rather than blaming the violent muslims yet when they incite violence they are never blamed.

  17. Sue, end result would be the same. They get the ear of the beeb and their point is made.
    They get to say "Look at the Hatred We Have to Live with, Infidels are doing this Every day to us, we are Oppressed." Why give to them, that which they most desire?

    I doubt they expected a bigger turnout, they know their market. I suspect that leaflet served its purpose in furthering their cause though.

    The troops march through plenty of towns on a regular basis. This is the first time I have seen this happen. They created a no win situation for everyone who wasn't with them.

    The wrong kind of attention is now being focussed on the banners that were displayed today. They got their message out there. This time, I refuse to play their game though.

    How about everyone turning up tomorrow in Watford with "I Love The Anglians" banners?

    Or, displaying on our blogs, banners to that effect?

    Just thoughts is all.

  18. "Having scanned a good proportion of the blogs that are reporting this, it seems to me that it was a propaganda exercise. It also seems to have been pretty effective, judging by the comments on those blogs."

    Over at 'Harry's Place' there's a lot of suspicion that this was Anjam Choudhary's bunch - Al Muhajiroun - up to no good again. Which given it's a banned organisation is even worse!

  19. Hi Julia, it is widely believed to be Choudharys lot.

    Still, the fact remains that this bunch should have been arrested for inciting violence (which they did pretty well). If the situation had been reversed the protesters would have been carted away and taken to Luton Police Station.

    By allowing them to protest the police are not helping the general atmosphere that prevails in Luton between the indigenous whites and the newcomers. Whenever I go to visit, you feel the tension just that little bit more.

    This is a bomb waiting to explode and the police should have defused this situation.