Friday, 20 March 2009

Bored With Politics. Why Won't Gordon Resign?


  1. That totally just bought out the 6 year old in me. I can't work out which is funnier, the fart itself or the grown ups trying soooo hard not snigger at it. I'm gonna go watch that again, it's just too funny
    Mummy x

  2. I still get the mental giggles, especially when I'm not supposed to.. :)

  3. Ah, good old fashioned toilet humour. Excellent stuff. Would have been better if they'd done a knob gag as well :-)

  4. Probably not appropriate in the council chamber though :)

  5. Hi Sue,
    Just found this on Tracker-bar.

    There was a young fellow called Cager,
    Who, as the result of a wager,
    Offered to fart
    The whole Oboe part
    Of Mozart's Quartet in F Major.