Friday, 20 March 2009

Landslide Win for Tories in Chingford

Let's hope this is a sign of the times. I'm not completely convinced by the Conservatives but they have to be better than this dictatorship!

EDWIN NORTHOVER (Conservative) 1,395

Henrietta Jackson (Labour) 255

Henry Boyle (Lib Dem) 144

Daniel Perrett (Green Party) 102


  1. Better than this dictatorship? Well, if they were promising to repeal the various acts etc that NuLab brought in to monitor and control everyone, plus another promise to massively reduce the size of the state, then I'd be thinking that if they do even 10% of that they'd be an improvement. But they're being so awfully fucking quiet about it all I'm not sure there isn't a bunch of people sitting around Tory HQ thinking about how best to use all Labour's shit themselves.

  2. That is what they are promising but I just don't trust any politicians anymore!

  3. Good result, cyclops must be crying his eye out this morning.