Friday, 27 February 2009

Financial Armageddon!

I am not a financial whizz, so I don't comment on things I know nothing about, but reading The Spectator Online today and following their link to an article in The Times has me reeling. I have grasped the basic concepts of this financial disaster and even I know this is not good!

The Spectator points out that for the third day in a row independent financial bigwigs have given Gordon a good kicking. The Article in The Times by Steven Bundred is entitled "Our public debt is hitting Armageddon levels". Mr Bundred says "This year net public sector borrowing will comfortably exceed 10 per cent of GDP."... we are so in the shit!!!

What I don't understand is why this government are still in power? WTF is going on?


  1. You might enjoy this bit of googled gen. One trillion pounds spent at £1 per minute would take as long to spend as the human race has existed. Now we have 2 trillion of debt so if we saved £1 a minute it would take twice the time people have been on the earth to save. It therefore follows that the human race will become extinct before these sums are replaced! Ergo good bye world.
    Has the flu abated? Did the scotch work?

  2. Blimey! That's mindblowing. No, I still have the flu but Mr Muffled is back to nurse me tonight... Lord love him :)

  3. Well, I'm glad to hear someone's going to be looking after you this weekend.

    FWIW I'm rather more chipper today after three days off so I hope that the sangria and spouse do for you in Espana what frozen pizza and spouse have done for me in Blighty.

    Economically, this reminds me of the days of the Phony War before the poor gallant BEF got its arse kicked by the Wehrmacht and the really hard times began.

    The BBC is refusing to admit how deep the rose food really is as they are Nu-Labour through and through, and so they're making a fuss today about bankers and bonuses and pensions and not mentioning the fact that it's going to make the early 1980s seem like a golden age. MAybbe the 1930's...

    And the Easter Egg's going to spray three trillion dolours US at his Democratic buddies in the public services and the MSN all think it means more Play-Doh for their liberal pal Barney and the kids at Sesame Street.

    The good news is that Gordon's still in power (!) We are still civilized and lawful enough in the UKGB not to have coups or revolutions - a mixed blessing, but ask your older neighbours about what happens when elected governments are overthrown by Right-wing popular movements...

    Just make sure your expatriate voter registration is up-to-date if you can.

    Get well soon and have a great weekend.

  4. Why not comment on things you know nothing about? Everyone else does.