Friday, 27 February 2009

Fat Cat Banker Goodwin

I must admit if I were Fred Goodwin, I'd tell the government to go take a flying leap too.... 

I don't agree with these ridiculous payouts, but by all accounts they were done with Government knowledge and approval.. I find it hard to believe that Brown knew nothing about it considering he is a control freak.

I can't help feeling that Gordon Brown has given orders to find a "scapegoat a day" to distract us from continually questioning his competence. We are so close to piecing together the ultimate case for his resignation that it's obviously making him more than a little uncomfortable. 

He's running around the UK and the rest of the world like the proverbial headless chicken. I guess he feels if he stands still for too long, it's all going to catch up with him.  

Trouble is, with each new scapecoat story that hits the papers, one name always seems to come up indelibly stamped at the root of that scandal.....Mr Gordon Browns.

You can't escape Mr Brown, your crimes against the British People are of such a guargantuan proportion that you are only prolonging the inevitable!

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