Sunday, 22 February 2009

The Conservatives will win by default

The current air of despondency in the electorate and the rise in membership of the minor parties is the fault of the Conservatives.

Without a viable trustworthy party as an alternative to Labour the people are going elsewhere. It is a foregone conclusion that Labour will lose the next election especially with Captain Ahab at the helm. 

The Conservatives will win purely because they are the opposition.

The failure to win by merit will be because they are still not uttering those words that most of us want to hear.

As Tories we can sit and smirk as each new scandal is revealed by the media which put NuLabour to shame. This government has without doubt been the sleaziest, most corrupt to take power of the 20th and 21st Century at least..

The shameful truth however, is that the Conservatives are just as guilty of ripping the electorate off and lining their pockets while the country is going down the pan! David Cameron needs to clean up his party, Conservative MP’s need to be beyond reproach. The Jacqui Smith line “It was within the rules”, doesn’t wash with the electorate. The rules are unjust and to claim the full whack just because you can, is embezzling the taxpayer.

There are things we need to hear from the Conservatives which we are not hearing. These are the important issues like a referendum on Europe or at least the Lisbon Treaty. Nothing is set in stone, the European Union is a democracy too, or at least that’s what we’re told. We need our own Law Lords to be able to overrule the European Court of Human Rights, our Law is ancient, established and proven. We have no need to be told the difference between right and wrong!

The most serious issue of all is what they intend to do about the “surveillance society” that Labour have created. This is not just about ID cards, this is about transparency and the rules regarding the holding our most personal data.

A clear breakdown of what they intend to do with the economy! I want to see people paying for their corruption. Bankers, politicians and anyone else that broke the law!

The Englishman needs his castle back, the laws on bailiffs needs to be repealed. This unfair intrusion only seems to occur when ordinary people get into debt, businesses and the rich still get away with just calling bankruptcy and either fleeing the country or starting again.

The whole “dustbin” fiasco has to be sorted out. It’s ridiculous and complete insanity! 

Energy prices need to be controlled. How long has it been since the price of oil has dropped and yet gas and electricity are still going up.

The “No Smoking” ban needs to be repealed. Pubs should be allowed to choose whether they are smoking or non smoking as do clubs, bingo halls and every other privately owned establishment. This will help the leisure industry re-establish itself.

Political Correctness is out of control and instead of protecting minority groups it has only managed to alienate them from the rest of us. Lines have to be drawn and everyone has to learn to live in harmony with each other. Those that are not willing are quite free to leave.

The Benefits system is one I can’t begin to even pretend to solve as it’s roots lie in education. Strict control of immigration needs to be put into place and eviction of illegal immigrants needs to implemented without countless appeal processes. If someone is in fear for their lives, they can normally prove it!. 

It has to be made quite clear that we are not a free ride anymore.

Stop interfering in everything…. Let Medical People run the Hospitals, let Educators run the schools and let the Police Force do its job instead of filling in paperwork and spying on innocent taxpayers.

An English Parliament has to be established. The other kingdoms have theirs, we want ours and our Parliament should only contain English M.P’s.


These are the things I want from the Conservatives, not just pre-election promises but a deliverance of these things. 

I’m sure we all have our own ideas of what we want, whether we will get them is another matter!

As a matter of interest : Does anyone know where "he's lost his marbles" or "he's out of his tree" come from?


  1. OK: great manifesto, and I hope we're all doing what we can to get from here to that more attractive and more conservative THERE that you outline above.

    I surely don't want to rain on your parade, but I'm beginning to agree with Dumb Jon

    more and more - the centre ground is held by the three main parties - who look after themselves and share about 90% of the same ideas - and who are consciously aware that their middle-of-the-road totalitarianism gives them all a shake of the whip without unseemly outsiders coming in and changing things by having different beliefs from the party bosses.

    It's not impossible, and we at least are in the forefront of the new media, but we really, really have to get at the people out there because it's going to take them to retake the parties and make them different and separate again.

    This political class thing is beginning to get to me - did you notice two Question Times ago when the former Sun journalist - Kelvin MacKenzie the 'Gotcha' chap- said it was good that Geert Wilders was kept out of the country.

    Now, if HE'S signed up to the soggy centre, we're in real trouble.

    I am afraid [and I mean it literally] that it's going to be a long, long war agaisnt that centre...

    Which is of course why Muff-V and all those other blogs over there in the side panel have to do their stuff and keep on doing it.

    We are it.

    At least we're pretty safe from the Zulu threat, these days..

  2. I agree with you, which is one of the reasons I wrote this. I am not reassured by the Tories at the moment. I don't trust them and I want to be convinced!

  3. NuLab Versus BluLab...

    The death throes of party politics...

    We will never have true democracy, whilst we have political parties.

    A multi party state, is a one party state where they get to give us a new team when we are sick of the old one.

    It's not actually a choice.

  4. Proportional representation is the answer then? Changing our system of election seems an almost impossible task!