Sunday, 22 February 2009

I think I'm going to be sick!



  1. I just have been!

    I don't know which is worse: Brownfinger puckering up like baboon sucking shit through a straw to kiss a woman that looks like a bloke. OR a woman that looks like a bloke holding on to the baboon faced, pant wetting Brownfinger like she's about to be french kissed by Brad fucking Pitt!

    Mandy is sure to be jealous.
    While the twat's away, sorry cat's away, and all that.

  2. She really likes this man; you can tell.

    By this stage you can virtually smell the seashore scented milky beads of her thong syrup.

    Also, it's official.
    I am never, ever going to eat again..

  3. Aww come on Sue. You're just jealous.

    {runs away very quickly} ;-)

  4. Its okay I think she is safe, she has had her jabs.

    Besides according to Lord Levy's book our Gordo is more of a mans man.

  5. It gave me nightmares last night. Good job the dog didn't wake me with his usual slobber!

  6. That awful women is one of the few who deserves it. Have you seen pictures of her from the front? the lines from the side of her nose go right down off the bottom of her jaw, like a ventriloquist's puppet.