Thursday, 22 January 2009

A Quick Skim of the Financial Blogs....

...always brings me to "Burning Our Money" first.

The most efficient Wat Tyler manages to put together all the complicated figures so even I can understand the extent of miredom that this complete failure of a government have finally brought us to.

It's very worrying and I for one cannot understand why Brown insists on steering us towards the edge of total bankrupcy. 

I have long been of the opinion that we have a madman at the helm and a quick search for "Is Gordon Brown Insane?" in my search engine, suggests I am not the only one asking that question.

149,000 instances of the phrase "Is Gordon Brown Insane?" EEK


  1. He's not so mich mad as highly delusional.

    But then, imagine how it feels to wait ten years to become PM opnly to find...

    You inherited a country you yourself buggered up.

    Not good for the old self estem, methinks..

  2. He needs to resign for the good of the country now. He needs to give it up, I seriously worry. I have two grown kids struggling in the UK and I can't afford to ship them out here or I most definitely would.

    Spain has high unemployment figures but in the area in which I live, no one seems to be aware of the recession, life is pretty much going on as it has for years, it's quite bizarre!