Friday, 23 January 2009

Die Welle (The Well)

I'm an avid movie watcher and like just about anything except horror. I've just watched Die Welle (I'm half German but it does come with subtitles)... 

"When Rainer Wegner, a popular high school teacher, finds himself relegated to teaching autocracy as part of the schools project week, he's less than enthusiastic. So are his students, who greet the prospect of studying fascism yet again with apathetic grumbling: The Nazis sucked. We get it. Struck by the teenagers complacency and unwitting arrogance, Rainer devises an unorthodox experiment. But his hastily conceived lesson in social orders and the power of unity soon grows a life of its own.

In probing the underpinnings of fascism, The Wave is far from a social-studies lesson......... a humanistic perspective on the terrifying irony that these students may welcome the very things they denounce"

Reminded me of Labour and the EU... scary stuff!

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