Sunday, 11 January 2009 Update

Mr Draper says :

"Since we launched the beta-site just over 24 hours ago we have had many, many comments. Clearly there are those who want to use this site to interrogate Labour people (usually me!) about our policies. There is nothing wrong with that, in principle, of course"
I thought that's what these sites are for, the Conservative site allows questioning of policies.

he continues :

"Any policy will be in line with our stated policy:

"While we encourage passion and the voicing of strong opinion, if your comments are deemed to be offensive, they will be removed completely. Comments which advocate violence or those which include swearing or sexually explicit content are unlikely to pass the editorial process. In order to ensure an insightful, engaging debate we will also place other comments judged to be grossly unintelligent or obtuse or trolls in our trash can."
Fair enough but isn't calling people a "TROLL" offensive?

Here are the comments which encouraged me to try out this new approach:

John Selby
Great site Derek, well done! Sick of Tory trolls already though. Don't be afraid to take a hard line moderation policy.

rob page
something will have to be done to remove the tory trols from the site they are nothing but disruptive.

Mohammed Khan
Charlie - please don't demean yourself by responding to disruptive trolling idiots like Obnoxio. Derek - please do use your editorship to get rid of trolls. Just delete their entries and be shot of these juvenile infantile and pathetically hollow individuals. This should be a place for proper political discourse not some guido-esque playground for people with no friends, no lives and no real point to make.

To these people, and all the other people who have commented, even you trolls out there, thanks for joining us on this, our first couple of days.

Mr Draper, you are indeed an idiot. What an exciting site you are going to have. How like the government, silence what you don't want to hear, truth hurts does it?

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