Sunday, 11 January 2009

Food Police

The blogosphere is masticating over the latest completely insane plan for employment creation!

The Food Police also known as "Food Champions" is the brainwave of that idiot organisation WRAP who have already wasted £4million of taxpayers money on their "Love Food, Hate Waste" campaign. The innovative scheme begins tomorrow. As I understand it, after one days training "The Champions" will knock on 24,500 doors in an effort to show us how to save money on food.

"Tim Burns, from Waste Watch - the contractor carrying out the scheme for WRAP - said: "Food waste has such a high impact on climate change and it is something we can all do something about."

Tim, FUCK OFF...that's what alot of people will be saying to these idiots knocking on the doors in the area. I can't help feeling uncomfortable about the fact that if they find obese children in the home, will the parents be reported for child abuse?

I just wonder what happens to the out of date food that the supermarkets have to get rid of... here in Spain, one of our local cut price supermarkets leaves it nicely packed and intact in recycling bins for the poor to help themselves! What a great idea, isn't it, but then the Spanish Govt are quite good at ignoring the EU, perhaps the UK should learn to do the same!

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