Saturday, 24 January 2009

Gordon Brown to promise broadband in every home by 2012

The Commie Mirror is reporting that the telecoms industry is to be asked to help install cabling across the country to allow high-speed web feeds at low cost.

Am I getting over cynical now or could it be something to do with the "Stealth Tax" that he is planning to impose on everyone that has broadband?

The new tax is meant to cover royalities lost to the industry because of illegal downloaders. 

Now, forgive me if I am wrong but why should people that DON'T download illegally pay, essentially a "fine" for those who DO????


  1. A case of let them eat broadband?

  2. Stealth taxes in Britain are always imposed under the guise of either the environment or something like this. I doubt whether all those environmental taxes have gone towards research into new green technology or that this money will go to the music industry!