Saturday, 24 January 2009

Another Stab at the Blogosphere!

I think Labour are beginning to get slightly desperate with their lack of lustre on the internet. 

After the dismal launch or "not launched yet" attempt of and LabourSpace (which I don't think many people have heard of), they are trying again. They are getting out the big guns this time.. yes we now have "GO4TH", although they can't actually tell us when it's being launched. 

This "new" attempt is the brainchild of Alastair Campbell and John (2 Jags, common as muck) Prescott. I can't think of two less undesirable people in the Labour Party who I would want to interact with on the blogosphere! 

Alastair Campbell who is better known as a psychotic (this man heard voices), recovering alcoholic and John Prescott, best known for his inability to control his groteque sexual apetite and his temper!

A quick count at the Total Politics website leaves labour blogs at a measly 218 and conservatives at 320. Thats without counting UKIP, Libertarian, LibDem and other non aligned blogs which readily condemn labour policies.

Full story in todays Grauniad


  1. And cue the jokes, photoshops and assorted mockery from the internet.

    GO4TH&MULTIPLY being one I predict being done to death, if by no one else then I shall give it a go.

  2. They're asking for that one!


    Yes, my first thought was "So now they're openly telling me to f*** off?"

  4. My take is they are expecting to go to fourth place in the election, behind The BNP. It's been known! Henley, I think.