Sunday, 11 January 2009

I have just meandered over to Labours new blog. Oh Dear!

Why is it that the Labour Party have to resort to denigration and insult? Their video section is downright immature and childish. The latest content is not well written either and you end up non the wiser after having read it!. 

I do not profess to be an accomplished author but I also do not write a professional blog that supposedly represents the party of my choice!. I can clearly see how this will run.

1. Pat Labour on the back article (with no citations), announcing another absurd scheme accompanied by some badly spun figures.

2. A few paragraphs scattered inbetween said articles slagging down the Tories with "Thatcherite" being mentioned here and there from time to time.

3. A myriad of unanswered questions (with citations) left to fester beneath said article.... 

What a waste of time!

Shame, as it could have been interesting!

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