Monday, 15 December 2008

Something else that entirely pisses me off!

Again this year, thousands of families will have their houses and precious possessions ruined and destroyed by floods.

Gordon promised to help families in the North last year and this year its the turn of the south. I'd love to know to know many people are still living in temporary accommodation like caravans or what the statistics are on insurance payouts (or lack thereof).

If this wasn't all bad enough, the taxman actually made a profit on these peoples' misery of almost £440million from last summer's flood damage. Householders forced to carry out repairs to their water-ravaged properties paid £525million in VAT for the work, according to figures from insurers.

Because the Government contributed only £86million to help affected areas, the Treasury netted £439million.

The TOTAL lack of care in this respect by our government for its own people is reflected in the news that we will be giving Pakistan ANOTHER 6 million quid!

What the fuck for?

Thats on top of the a £480 million support package to help them increase their security on the Afghanistan border!

Gordon should ask the Americans how many millions of dollars have been poured into Pakistan and just wasted before he starts giving away taxpayers hard earned cash to a country that is the breeding ground for terrorists (apart from the UK that is). (Ref) (70% of a 5.4bn dollar military aid package mispent).

Reported here also (

On top of all that CNN reports that the terror suspect is now seeking legal aid!!!
Fucked up world we are living in.

While the rest of the UK suffers from unemployment, high energy prices, an overstretched benefits system and too many fucking people in the country, the government is languishing in spacious, luxury offices..Jack Straw.. you all know the story..

"The Ministry of Justice has been accused of wastinga "colossal" amount of taxpayers' money after spending more than £130 million refurbishing an old office block for its new headquarters."

Talk about taking the piss!
I am truly "GOBSMACKED!"

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