Monday, 15 December 2008

Education, Education, Education???

"The government today outlines plans for major public service reforms to lift the aspirations of Britain's least ambitious 2.4 million children, predominantly white working-class boys in northern cities".

A deep-seated problem of low aspiration in specific communities has been found
in a Cabinet Office report to be published tomorrow. These communities, the
research shows, tend to have "more insular social networks, low population
mobility and a history of economic decline".

The report says the government has lacked a systematic "cultural or behavioural" approach to raising horizons in these communities to encourage children to do better at school and strive for more interesting jobs.

What a load of crap! If the government hadn't spent so much time, effort and money on making everyone else feel at fucking home in the UK, this wouldn't have happened in the first place!

Which leads me on to the next shambolic mess that NuLabour have created : Supersize Schools!

Figures show almost 500,000 pupils were in super-sized schools last year, compared to only 230,660 in 1997.

The rest of the disturbing figures are in the article.

Everyone, but everyone knows that small schools are better. Teachers get to know their students and students feel a part of something personal and important. These mega schools are devoid of personality and attended by a multitude of kids who are just numbers and statistics for NuLabours spinbook of fairytale exam results.

I am beginning to wonder if the crap education our kids are getting is NuLabours plan for voting ignorance and mass indoctrination.

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