Thursday, 5 July 2012


Words fail me, they really do. What an utter rip off this club is. What we could do with all that money in the UK.

"After taking account of the UK abatement, the UK's total contribution to the EU Budget in June was £577,749,731.10.
This consisted of two payments the first on 1 June (VAT-based and GNI-based contributions less the UK abatement), the second on 20 June (Traditional Own Resources)".

Just another quick note. Taking into consideration the cuts in the armed and police forces, we citizens of the United Kingdom need the right to bear arms. A government's first duty is to protect it's citizens (not through snooping I might add) and this government is failing in it's duty.

Cutting the armed forces is effectively passing another competence to the EU. We have not been asked if we want to amalgamate our forces with those of France et al. I would have voted NO by the way. We cannot afford to trust anybody, especially deceptive, corrupt organisations like the U.N. and E.U.

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