Monday, 6 February 2012

Musings of an Insomniac

I'm lying here awake as usual and the TV is still on. I'm watching events happening somewhere on the other side of the world which I really don't care about. The Middle Eastern Awakenings don't interest me. As far as I'm concerned, we should not get involved AT ALL. These are internal conflicts that have nothing to do with democracy. These societies are tribal and these are third world civil wars declared by savages. If the West hadn't invented modern weapons, they would still be throwing spears at each other.

That we particularly interfere, irks me. All it means is, that another group of nutters will be invading our country to either sponge from our benefits system as asylum seekers while another will try to blow us to kingdom come. In the process, the British Taxpayer has the privilege of paying for wasters like William Hague sticking his nose in where it is not wanted. Ultimately it might mean sacrificing more of our troops in the name of "giving the savages democracy" while we have ours ripped away by the Soviet Eutopia.

The EU is "appalled" and "slams" the government for killing its own people. It doesn't occur to them, they are indirectly doing the same to their own people. Using warfare is not the only way to ethnically cleanse a "tribe".
The UK Government has been doing it to the English for decades.

The Eurocrats are slowly driving many Europeans to the point of poverty and suicide while systematically stripping us of any rights we have left. They control the media, so most ordinary people don't even know what is happening. Where is the outrage at the way Greeks are being treated on Sky News? Where is the footage of Greeks queuing at soup kitchens on the BBC? You won't see it. It's not the "truth" they want you to see.

We have yet another deadline for Greece. 11 o'clock Monday morning. The Greek Government have to agree to make life even worse for their people. The troika are even insisting that wages are curbed in the private sector. What on earth have private companies' wages got to do with them?

Update : Goalposts changed again "Greece must tell the European Union by the end of today" SOURCE

Update : Goalposts changed again : "A government official, , who declined to be named said the parties did not have to respond by today and there was "no deadline" SOURCE

Secretly the Greeks must know, the EU can't let them default. Why?

It will do considerable damage to European Banks, especially French and German ones but Merkozy made the decision to keep throwing money at Greece. If the Greeks default and reinstate a national currency, they will be able to apply to the IMF for help. The IMF helps countries in distress but not currencies (so Georgie keeps telling us).

Things will be very rough for a while but then they will begin to recover ....... and that's one thing that the EU can't risk everyone witnessing.

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