Monday, 5 December 2011

A dark cloud has settled above my soul!

I caught Mary Ellen Synon's post coming up on my DemonFeed a while ago and as I read it, a dark cloud settled above my soul. So chilling is her post that I'm inclined to think every word will come to pass. Please read it... we really have to do something.

"Actually trying to get a wholesale treaty change through would trigger at least one referendum. And given how people – French, Dutch, Irish, all of them members of the euro – vote when given a chance to do so, I’d say the chances of treaty change of this magnitude getting through are slim to zero.

So there will be no big-time treaty change because there must be no referendum. Which doesn’t mean there won’t be big-time change. Up until today, the phrase the eurocrats and Brussels elite have been using – and using it so much in harmony that they were clearly sent the memo reminding them to use the phrase – was ‘limited treaty change.’

That ‘limited’ is a weasel word. As I’ve pointed out before, everything is limited except cosmic expansion and mother love, so saying treaty change would be ‘limited’ is meaningless.

But it’s subtext was: too minor to merit a referendum, so we will change the treaties by the self-amending mechanism laid out in the Lisbon Treaty, and no you don’t know about that mechanism because it wasn’t much advertised. That subtext was blown apart today".

"What we saw today in Paris was an announcement by Merkozy that they intend to go ahead with their drive to destroy democracy across 17 European states. By agreeing to this -- and he will -- Mr Cameron will act as collaborator in establishing Germany and France as the fiscal commanders over these nations of Europe.

Across Europe, one can only feel dread. In Britain, one ought to feel shame as well"

The entire post is here

As Richard North says in his blog today "WE NEED TO JUST LEAVE!"

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