Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Country Is Broken

I'm stuffed up with cold and a stye in the eye at the moment (Happy Christmas!) so I've been listlessly listening to the radio; I don't know why I can't summon up the energy to switch it off.

I became quite teary this afternoon when talk was all about the Summer riots and David Lammy, the Labour MP for Tottenham, said that many causal factors were at work but the overriding imperative was poverty.  Apparently, 74% of people in Tottenham live off benefits and what the people of Tottenham need, according to their MP, is more money and taxpayer-funded projects.  He didn't couch that in those terms; he said the government was "letting us down", "cuts are draconian" and he advocated that fathers must sign a child's birth certificate and be made to pay.

I once voted Communist* - it was so enticing with its promotion of freedom, fairness and equality for all but then I grew up and saw through the lies, so I voted Conservative.  Then I grew up, again.  Now, I wouldn't vote for Cameron's Conservatives if I was paid to do so or I was poked in the @rse with a Big Society Stick.  Let's face it, this government is not much different from the last.  It still believes in Big State, Big Society, Nanny Government and Nudging - that's not so different from Brown, Blair, Major or Heath in my eyes.

What made me well up?  A Somalian woman whose parents came here twenty-five years ago, had worked and made a good life for themselves and their family (never claimed benefits) - and she blamed 'British culture' for the lawlessness and disrespect.  British.

This collapse of a section of society isn't 'British' at all; it's the result of unmitigated immigration and the non-assimilation of migrant communities into, for the most part, the English population.  Come to London and see more than the theatre: see how we have been drowned in diversity; see how we disappear under the banner of multi-culturalism; see why the English are the epitome of 'white flight'.  When the English, Scots and Welsh desert their Capital city in droves, you have to worry.

It wasn't a Labour government who did this, nor was it a Conservative one - it was both Parties; a deliberate Centrist, Communitarian, Third Way - and you voted them into office.  We've got what you voted for, and we don't like it.  The current Coalition is the manifestation of social engineering.  We've been nudged long before 'Nudging' became official government policy.

England and the English were always first in line to have their history and education trashed.  Beat the English, follow by the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish, and you can beat the world.  It's been a long time in the planning and one more General Election won't deliver a turnaround.

*Forgive me, I was only eighteen.

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