Sunday, 11 December 2011

Confused? So was I

In my search to find the truth about this "treaty" and "veto" after desperately reading EU Documents, blogs (left, right and illiberal), I have finally gone back to my "trusted sites". There aren't many, too many people are quick to jump to conclusions as they read the headlines in the press. My trust in the political structures that exist everywhere in the world have a zero rating and when things sounds too good to be true, they normally are.

So, what have we got? A summit? Nope, it was a meeting. A treaty? Nope, it was an agreement. A veto? Nope, he just disagreed with everyone else.

Dr Richard North and David at WfW usually put me right but being the dunce that I am, I needed someone to speak to me like one.... :) so, I shot over to Dr Helen Szamuely's blog "Your Freedom and Ours". She explains things so that even I can understand what is happening and I must say... If we don't take steps to leave the EU and soon, we are pretty well fucked!

She writes "So far from repatriating powers, which can be done only through a new treaty that the Boy-King has rejected (not vetoed, just rejected) he has lost any possibility of vetoing whatever speedy conclusions will come out of the forthcoming negotiations for a new agreement" 

Read the rest here

This has got to be the biggest betrayal and conspiracy that our government have ever planned against us. SO STOP CHEERING CAMERON ON AND WAKE UP!

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