Thursday, 29 September 2011

Guilty of Treason

I just couldn't resist putting this on the blog today. I will be enjoying Peter Osborne's words for quite a few days to come.

I love Richard Norths Blog and agree with him on almost every subject. What he says about this interview is true "the real guilty men were and are the journalists like James Kirkup, Fraser Nelson and, yes, Peter Oborne - who kept EU issues out of the media, and played along with Cameron who sought to suppress discussion on the EU".

However, I welcome anything that brings the subject of the EU to the popular news channels. It reminds the reality show "tribes" that the EU is becoming an evermore serious subject.

From his excellent book/pamphlet :


This pamphlet is dedicated to all those men and women who worked with clear mind and steady purpose to keep Britain out of the Eurozone and thereby salvage our national independence, pride, and prosperity – only to be insulted and derided as cranks, little Englanders, buffoons, racists, maniacs, extremists and xenophobes.

h/t to Guido :)


  1. Fucking brilliant!

    The man was quite right: the EU is jammed to the rafters with idiots. In fact, they take the very notion of idiocy to new heights.

    Great post!!


  2. I don't want to bear grudges or get personal. People are entitled to change their minds and a good thing too!

    I don't want apologies, I just want OUT!