Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Did everyone see this?

The first blog I happened to read this morning was John Redwoods. He is one of the more sincere Eurosceptic Conservatives and I have to give him his due, he is loyal to his party. His post concerns the Fourth Reich and Sarkozy and Merkels plans for it.

The last paragraph says this

"What the UK government needs to do immediately is to rule out imposing a Tobin tax on the City. As the UK wants nothing to do with the Eurozone, it should not be expected to raise a tax to pay for its failings. If the Eurozone needs extra taxes to pay for all the excess public spending, then the obvious  choice would be a tax on motor car and wine production, something Germany and France do a lot of, not on financial services, something the Uk does more of"

Freeborn John, one of the commenters had written :

"Merkel &. Sarkozy also announced who they want to pay for this. Their version of ‘fiscal union’ is one where their appointee dictates tax and spend in the eurozone periphery but does not raise the funding to keep the eurozone together from eurozone taxpayers. Rather the funds are to come from the largely London-based financial services industry in the form of a ‘Tobin tax’. Predictably the BBC completely ignores that Uk industry is being asked to pick up the euro tab, but why have Cameron & Osborne not come out and said that the idea that the City of London is to fund the euro life-support machine is completely unacceptable?

The magnitude of ECB buying of Italian and Spanish bonds last week shows how expensive it is to keep the euro alive. This is not a burden than the UK financial services industry should be shouldering. Cameron has to insist the Tobin Tax  has to be eurozone-only with a complete opt-out for the UK.

Reply: I agree and have called today for the Uk to rule out taxing London to pay for the Euro’s imperfections"

Unbelievable, not only do they want to create the Fourth Reich, starting with the Eurozone countries but they essentially want the UK TO FUND IT WITH A TOBIN TAX ON OUR FINANCIAL SECTOR. We are to pay for our own total enslavement.

If this should come to pass, I can quite honestly say that it will be time for all good people to riot, right outside Parliament. 

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  1. I tried to post on CR's blog when he linked his 4th Reich post to you, wanted to say that you were Simon Heffer and I claim my 5 pounds! ;-)

    Anyway, is the Captain's blog being 'attacked? I have tried at least 5 times to post this morning and everytime my browser goes to 50% CPU and hangs (tried all methods re cookies add-ons, even reinstalled the browser)

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  2. Seems ok. Lots of people have posted there. Very strange.