Wednesday, 25 May 2011

... and the propaganda machine rolls on and on and on.......


I must admit this has left me rather speechless! Is this meant for children or adults?

I don't know whether to join the site and add my two-penneth which will probably be moderated, or suggest we set up a similar site highlighting the overwhelming negative aspects of the EU.

After all, who says we can't have all these things without Brussels telling us what to do and getting paid mega fucking bucks for it?

It's all very well cheering the upside of the EU (there are bound to be some.... ???) but what about the DOWNSIDE FFS?

Are they blind to the financial shitpile that we have been left?
Do they not realise that WE WANT A DEMOCRACY and not a fucking nursery?
What next, balloons?

As usual, I'm gobsmacked.

Make your own minds up


  1. The sad thing about it Sue is that I honestly think that these morons are so brainwashed that they can't see the harm they are doing.

    There's only ever one end to this type of situation.

  2. I spent 42 milliseconds on the site and already my bood pressure has reached dangerous levels.

    All they need to do is to let us know how much the site is costing to run (in terms of hosting, and also the research costs and the salaries of those involved) and then make a similar sum available for someone to set up a site which lists the disadvantages and the blunders. Otherwise it would be using our own money to tell us what to think, and that's not the dsemocratic Europe that ... hang on.

  3. "The introduction of the euro has achieved much more than people expected."

    You fucking what?

  4. I love the idea of an alternative website, Sue, and to really fuck them about, it could also be called "What Has Europe Ever Done For Us?"

    They would not like it one little bit! :-D

  5. We will have to work on an alternative site methinks. Make it a huge team effort for anyone that wants to post using similarly juvenile material.

    The EU's research team must have come to the conclusion that to make it "childlike" would have the best impact. We might even get through to the sheeple one day.

  6. Yeah I think an alternative website is called for.......Do they really think none of the things they have listed could have been achieved without those unelected overpaid morons?

  7. Just from what's in the screencap there's plenty of room for argument. Waste of time with them though - I don't doubt that they really do believe that we have safer and cheaper flights thanks to the EU rather than because it's a cut throat industry and the airlines have no more desire for their aircraft to drop out of the sky in flames than their customers do. If we have either, and I'm not sure we do, it's in spite of the EU rather than because of it.