Monday, 30 May 2011

.. and in EUtopia Cloud Cuckoo-land

.. things are not looking so good. Dear Jean-Claude is obviously hoping that some sort of divine intervention is going to save the Euro and EU. The bickering over bailouts has begun to take it's toll and the love affair between Germany and France is way past the mediation stage. They've tried just about everything with Greece from handing over millions of Euro's to bullying tactics which would make the ECHR's hair stand on end!

European Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn is adamant that Greece will not default and return to the Drachma. The sheer audacity of the man is enough to take any normal person's breathe away " I do not see a withdrawal from the monetary union as a serious option. It would harm the Greek economy and be a setback for European integration. The euro is more than a currency; it's the central political project of our community. For this reason, too, we would not accept a Greek withdrawal".  NOT ACCEPT? 

If there was doubt in anybody's mind that the EU has now become a dictatorship, then this really should convince them that they were wrong. 

While all this is happening it's business as usual for the rest of the autocrats as they pour millions into "Arab Spring" cultures in readiness to ensure they spend the next fifty years indebted to them as they pillage the natural resources and wealth that these countries will have to handover in their bid to cover their loans.

None of this will shock any of you who are already in the know about our political masters, we know how corrupt they are. We know what the plan is, they don't even hide it anymore. 

However, they may be in for a rather nasty surprise one day. It's the complete lack of recognition that they seem to be giving the growing number of demonstrations and unrest in the towns and cities of Europe. The Arab Spring may have brought hopes of riches and empire expanding dreams for the greedy nomenklatura but it has awoken the spirit of democracy in the people.

Now led by the Spanish and Greeks, spontaneous demonstrations of dissatisfied citizens are showing their distaste for having to pay with their livelihoods and homes for the incompetence of those who have forcibly thrust them into a club that benefits no-one but themselves.

From Syntagma Square in Greece, practically every city in Spain, the Bastille in Paris to Brighton and London in the UK, the demonstrations are ceaseless and growing in numbers day by day.

h/t Lawson Narse :)

That the British MSM are still being quiet about it, is so beyond belief that one can only assume they have had "orders" not to televise these gatherings in case it actually tears away a few thousand people from the dream world of reality and repetitive talent shows. 

The EU elite and national governments should start to listen to the people that pay their wages or they will quickly find themselves at the mercy of a rampantly angry mob storming their secure little bunkers and attempting to string them up to the nearest lamp post.

Saint Dave has found this out to his detriment with his inane foreign aid policies. His awe of Band Aid and Geldof has shown he is completely out of touch with the rest of us. Doesn't he realise that the majority of us happen to think the likes of Geldof and Bonio are complete tossers?

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