Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cameron, being generous with your money!

While university students in ENGLAND are facing fees of up to £9,000 per year for a decent education, a third of UK pensioners are looking forward to a life of poverty and each working family is facing the prospect of having less and less money for bills and food, Cameron is giving Pakistan £650 million of aid, for education.

Cameron said on SkyNews that illiteracy and poverty are the main causes of terrorism.

That's not true though is it Cameron or I can assure you your infestation of bureaucrats would be in fear of your lives every minute of the day.

Infact, only in January, The Telegraph's Ruth Dudley Edwards did a post entitled "British universities: seats of learning – and loathing".

Many British universities are breeding grounds for Muslim extremism. Islamic specialist Ruth Dudley Edwards explains why financial need and government interference have rendered academics oblivious to this threat to democratic society.

Don't we give enough aid through the EU and also directly as it is? 

Obviously not, so while the British Government  pillages our purses and rapes our "lottery for good causes" for an Olympic extravaganza that will probably all be pulled down later....it's also

Stealing £19 million for an EU Museum that we don't want.
Giving amnesty to half a million illegal immigrants, that we will have to give benefits to because it's cutting our Border Police,
Using our taxes to fight three wars in the name of democracy while we live in a totalitarian, socialist, dictatorship whilst denying us the right to have a referendum.
Charging the English more for their prescriptions
Handing over a nett £20 billion of our hard earned cash to the EU
Cutting benefits for the disabled
Closing libraries (our kids obviously don't deserve an education)
Funding a useless European Satellite to spy on us
Leaving less for families to live on
Lecturing us about family holidays
Cutting our defence budgets so third world countries can have a decent pop at us



  1. No probs Sue. As we are slowly bankrupted, we surrender what's left to The EU. Just like Ireland. Heil Ashton!

  2. I've actually began to believe this whole EU project is going to implode in the near future.

    I think the peasants are starting to revolt all over Europe and although they seem outwardly optimistic, the Eurocraps are beginning to notice the brown stuff hitting the fan.

  3. Foreign Aid:
    Taking money off poor people in rich countries and giving it to rich people in poor countries.

    The idea of "giving" money like this to Pakistan makes me feel slightly nauseous. I can tell you from personal direct experience in that place that the likelihood that any money will be spent on "education" for the poor people is vanishingly small. Far more likely that it'll go to finance the offspring of the elite to attend internationally famous public schools...

    Kaffy Ashton? ... ugh...

    AS to half a million illegals getting "amnesty", they're working the Swedish socialist menu on that one. I urge you to check this out

  4. Gordon,

    It's absolutely disgusting. They've paid nothing into the system, they should get nothing out of it.

    These paperless people should be interned until they admit to where they came from so their statuses can be determined. There should be no incentive for illegal immigration. Asylum should only be given to those who are truly in need.

    What fucks me off is, nobody asks the people who have paid into the system and they are the ones that miss out on pensions, jobs, health and education services.

    I am not a socialist and I don't believe in working and paying taxes to support fucking lazy bastard chavs and foreigners.

    I feel like I've been a cashcow for 30 years and will have a pittance of a pension to show for it.

    These are the sort of things that bring about the anti-EU/anti-Socialist parties.

    They've only got themselves to blame when the people of Europe have had enough and vote in right wing governments and when that day comes, I will rejoice!

  5. It is telling that the socialist "mind control" of the meeja in Sweden has gotten so bad that the sure way of telling if a crime perpetrator is an ungrateful guest is if the provenance of their domicile in that land simply isn't mentioned - fuck knows we see enough of that shit from the arses at the BBC...

    What truly rankles is that the majority of the people who are perpetrating this shit don't get to experience "multiculuralism" for themselves - they're generally tucked away in "nice" suburbs alongside other tax parasites.

    Roll on public finance meltdown I say.

  6. Should have said "tucked away in "nice" suburbs alongside other Guardian reading tax parasites"

  7. Yup.

    My true home is the East End of London but we moved when the schools became so ethnic, I didn't have the heart to send my kids there.

    Luckily my x-husbands company moved to Bedfordshire and we went with it, and I experienced full-on multiculturalism in it's purest form when I went shopping in Luton.

    Now, I live in Spain. If I have to live amongst foreigners, I'll choose where it is and who they are.