Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The People's Pledge - The Long Con - UPDATE

UPDATE : The Bruges Group Analysis (see bottom of post).


The Long Con, Definition : A "long con" is an extended setup in an attempt to rob or cheat someone else. it usually involved an elaborate story that is executed over many weeks to months, aimed at convincing the target that the con artist (or thief) is legitimately a friend and trustworthy resource. at the end of the long con, the con artist gets the victim to voluntarily put themselves in precisely the position the con artist wants them in"

After a couple of UKIP shockers, "the powers that be" are now genuinely worried that we are getting far to popular than is comfortable. That's good for us but very bad for them. Nigel's outspoken "truths" in Brussels are going viral each time they are released. Why? Because he speaks for us, he speaks the truth and he's got bottle!


Although the People's Pledge seems like a genuine attempt at getting our referendum on the EU, unfortunately, some of the public will be involved in a cross party "Long Con".

The Daily Mail launched the campaign and it is backed by one and all as a promise of true democracy and fairplay. Those two well known stool pigeons that we trusted long ago to "change the party from within", Douglas Carswell and Dan Hannan are also involved. I've often wondered why men who claim to be Eurosceptic don't leave the Conservative Party and I've long since come to the conclusion that they are in place to keep the Eurosceptic Conservative voters happy.

Once the EU funded propaganda machine is in full swing the message will be: "We will have the referendum to prove to you that the British People are not stupid enough to vote us out, they realise we need Europe!"

Infact, The Daily Mail insists "The Mail doesn’t support a wholesale withdrawal from the EU. There are many important trade partnerships to preserve".

Paul Remfry from UKIP quotes Nigel Farage on his blog

"This is transparently not the case. We can have free trade with the EU without being a member of that organisation.

"Currently the EU has trading deals either completed or in negotiation with over 60 different countries. And everyone from Neil Kinnock to Giscard d'Estaing has said that if Britain wants to set up a trade only deal then it could.

"And on Commonwealth Day we are reminded that there is a whole world out there that Britain should be trading freely with. But our membership of the EU's antiquated Customs Union prohibits us from negotiating such deals.

"I call on everybody to get in touch with the Daily Mail to make these facts clear to them."

Read the wording :

"The People's Pledge

All the political parties make pledges about policy and manifesto commitments. We believe that ANYONE standing for elected public office should now make a simple pledge that will restore faith in British politicians and in British politics.
The idea is simple – let’s start a mass movement that sends a clear message to EVERY politician in Britain. Before we vote for ANYONE, we want three commitments from the candidate - straightforward, simple and easy to understand.

1. Tell the truth (shouldn't that be a given?)
2. Admit when you are wrong. (they have this one down to a t, just say sorry and it will all go away).
3. Listen to the voices of the voters more carefully.(this should already be happening, what's going to change?)

What utter baloney!

When you commit to real integrity and honesty again, we’ll commit to voting.


YEAH RIGHT... In how many manifesto's have the three parties promised a referendum? How many times have promises been broken by the Conservative Party this time?

Take the current fiasco with the "Votes for Prisoners" issue. Our politicians know that the majority of the public don't agree with this stupid policy, it goes against everything that's decent and British yet they are still not going to repeal it. The most we are going to get is another kangaroo Committee (consisting of Europhile "experts") declaring that it will be illegal/impossible for us to ignore the European Human Rights Act. It will take a while of course because they're hoping we will have all calmed down when they break the news.

The choice is simple. If you want to get out of Europe don't vote for the three major parties because THEY WILL GO BACK ON THEIR WORD, THEY WILL LIE AND THE EU WILL SLOWLY SWALLOW US WHOLE!

Of course, the only way we will get out of Europe, is to vote UKIP


Conservative Home has posted on the BRUGES GROUP proposal that Britain leave the EU and join EFTA instead. The PDF is downloadable directly from here. It would certainly seem to be in our best interest to follow this advice, after all, could things really get any worse?

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  1. Well said, Sue. I wrote a few days back about the futility of another petition (even though I signed it myself!) EFTA and the Commonwealth can be the way forward - the EU is essentially a protectionist bloc.

    I've no doubt that there will be a referendum at some point, it seems inevitable now, and I think that's been acknowledged by the EU ptb changing the rules so euro money can be used to fight elections and referenda in this country. They'll be out to hijack any debate and, of course, the BBC will pull out all the stops to comply and show they're worthy of the millions of pounds-worth of EU grants and funding they've beeh receiving over the past decades. B@st@rds.

  2. XX "This is transparently not the case. We can have free trade with the EU without being a member of that organisation.XX


    Ask Norways fishermen, or Switzerlands farmers if they can sell to the E.U without kow towing to every dotted "i" and crossed "T" in the Brussels "rule book".

  3. Forgive me if you have already commented... but have you noticed the EU Referendum vote in the right hand column of the DM? It's been going for about a week and it started with 95% against. Last time I looked, it was 29% for.

    Other votes seem out of place for the DM, like 98% thinking squatters should not be evicted.

    Some jiggery-pokery going on there methinks...

  4. GV, Somehow I don't think the British public will be fooled this time, fingers crossed anyway.

    FT. You're falling into the trap, that's what they want.

    For some insane reason, those countries that you mention don't seem to be in such a mess as the rest of Europe do. Infact, Switzerland seems to be doing great. We will have complete control of all our farming and fishing again.

    We will be able to lower corporation tax to encourage businesses and have control of our borders and benefits systems again.

    I will even leave Spain and come back home!!!

    HH. Lefties at work :)

  5. There's been a committee set up last week to look at the HRA Sue. Nick Clegg was put in charge of looking at this and his nominees are the usual antis. What hope have we.

  6. It's like everything else this coalition does. It's a con!

  7. About the polls - Hookie raises an interesting point. I noticed those and also two others in EU journals - in one voters agreed that Britain should be "forced" to give votes to prisoners and in the 2nd, they were overwhelmingly in favour of banning nuclear energy world-wide. Surely no-one takes the polls seriously to gauge public opinion.

  8. I don't know what's happening to be honest. I can only assume the left have got organised and are fixing the numbers.

    They've never reflected this point of view, especially in the DM. The newspaper may have been pro-european but their readers certainly are not. You only have to read the comments to know that is true.

  9. Either the trolls have been out in force or the DM poll has been rigged by internal jiggery-pokery, Sue, that poll "result" is the exact opposite of what we know to be true and other polls have regularly shown.

  10. BS. They must think we're bloody stupid!

  11. Great stuff, Sue. I'll come back to this on Friday at my place and no doubt others will at their blogs.

  12. XX For some insane reason, those countries that you mention don't seem to be in such a mess as the rest of Europe do. Infact, Switzerland seems to be doing great. We will have complete control of all our farming and fishing again. XX

    No you will not. THAT is my bloody POINT.

    If my family, who's ship is Norwegian registered, want to sell the catch to any E.U land, they have to prove they have abided by EVERY fucking rule in the E.U book. From net sizes to working time directives.*

    So WHO exactly are you going to trade WITH?

    * And BOTH of them are paying nearly as much in "assosiation fees" (the right to trade within the E.U) as Britain and Germany are in MEMBERSHIP.

    The difference is Norway and Switzerland do not get a vote.

  13. I look forward to it James

    FT. I don't know why you are so angry. We allow the whole of Europe to fish our seas. Wouldn't it be nice to feed our kids lots of cheap fish? Good and healthy. Similarly our farmland, grow the crops for our markets and become self sufficient.

    Britain has always led in medical/scientific/technological/financial sectors, we can export those things to secure our futures.

    I'm not saying it will be easy. It's going to take a long time to recover from this but there just has to be another way. If we carry on the way we are going, our economy is fucked and everything my generation and those before us worked for, was all for nothing.

    Have you read the Bruges Report?

    Another point, if we leave the EU, you can bet your life we won't be the only ones. Citizens of European countries (the wealthy ones), clearly do not want to be in the EU either. I believe we would spark a revolution which would ultimately lead to it's downfall.

  14. XX FT. I don't know why you are so angry*. We allow the whole of Europe to fish our seas. XX

    And YOU can fish OUR seas (Germany), and ALL the seas of the r5est of the E.U. Spain, Portugal, GREECE if you want. So don't come over all "one sided".

    The point is, you can NOT leave. Because even if you DO, you will STILL be bound by their rule book (which includes allowing the E.U to fish in "your" waters!), AND, as with Norway and Switzerland, will STILL be paying as much in "association fees" as you do now in membership.

    Britain has always led in medical/scientific/technological/financial sectors, we can export those things to secure our futures XX

    Excuse me whilst I go and have an hysterical laugh at that jole.

    Taken a look at Frankfurt (Main) recently? And as to "medical" you mean third world condition hospitals full of nurses and doctors that can not speak the english language, and dripping in MRSA?

    You are talking to the wrong country here to boast about Britains minor forays into science and technology.

    * Angry??? WTF are you ON.....or on ABOUT?

    You one of these "new British wet nellies" brought up in cotton wool because "the world is just TOOOO scary!"?
    You would not know "anger" if it jumped up and bit you in the arse, lassie, OBVIOUSLY.

  15. Actually, I'm half German. I just believe in democracy, you obviously don't.

  16. On the contrary. But I see no way "out" except a full colapse of the E.U. Single states wil still be prey.

    Now if Germany and Britain worked together....:-))

  17. That would be the ideal "team". I keep in touch with my family in Schleswig-Holstein and they are just as pissed off with the EU as we are.

    Most of them have their own businesses built from nothing and are sick and tired of propping the rest of Europe up. And as for Frau Angela Hitler, they find her an embarrassment.

    My point really is, someone has to make a stand. We can't continue to be defeatist or they will just take more power. The citizens of Europe are not our enemies. The EU and are politicians are.

    The Spanish by the way are just as fed up although they have more to lose than the richer countries.

    You see, I am truly a believer in Europe. I love Europe, our history together and our close connections. I just hate the establishment.

    I still believe that if one of us manages to get a referendum and leave, the rest will slowly follow.

    Then we could have proper trade agreements where the only winners are the people of those countries and not the elite in Brussels.

  18. Where are you in Germany?

    I love visiting. I love the food and the people. I still only drink German beer, that's what I was brought up on.

    My mother only cooked German food. I cook Rotkohl and make my own kartoffelsalat and bratkartoffeln.

    Yummy :)

  19. Berlin. Kartoffelsalat I can live without, but Beer, Rotkohl, and Bratkartoffeln....!!!

    Na, ja. Perfekt. But NOT in the same glass.:-))

  20. You are so right and the cakes!!! The Germans make the best cakes in the world. The Spanish cakes are gross.

    I meant to ask. I've been looking a recipe I remember as a child and I can't remember what its called. I wonder.. do you know?

    Its a klopps dish in a yellow, eggy vinegary sauce.

    I used to get left with my Oma and Opa for the summer holidays and she was the best cook ever. I have distinct memories of certain dishes she would have going on this big range in the kitchen all day. One in particular was a lentil stew with schinken in it. It was so lush. I would love to find the recipes on the net.

  21. It might all be a bit before your time, it's proper cooking :).

    I don't know how old you are. I'm early 50's, so this would have been at least 40 years ago.

    My cousins don't remember what it was called either... there was another dish I was looking for too, maybe you know what that's called. It's a side dish made of sliced cucumber with vinegar, sugar and black pepper. I'd love to make that again but I am not sure how.

  22. Maybe we could email. I have photos of the German side of my family I could show you :)

  23. Königsberger Kloppse.

    Plenty of recipes on the net for them.

    The other is Gurkensalat. But each person will have their own recipe.

    A bit like sausage butties.:-)

    I am 50. So we are not SOOO far apart. :-))

    I also worked in kitchens for a year or two when I first moved here. (Amazing how long they can make an application process last in Germany. Four years in my case!) So cooking is not entirely unknown to me.

    As to the E.U thing. Berliners are VERY tight mouthed on anything political. (I have had the conversation with Subrosa, on occassion.)

    Go to the pub, the restaraunt, even family events, and NO one talks politics. The odd comment or two as they read the news paper. But no one "takes the bait".

    Even in the news, the E.U is very rarely mentioned except for reporting that a debate took place in the Parliament. There are the odd comments regarding telling the E.U to go screw themselves on bloggs (few of those here as well), but nothing "in the open" so to speak. Even from what the Media insist on calling "Recht populist" parties. (Pro Movement), Republikaner, etc.

    Strangely quiet.