Monday, 21 March 2011

Diana Wallis - Bitch Slap Awards #1

There seem to be alot of really stupid women in power at the moment, so being a woman, I can't get accused of being sexist like you chaps can.. My first nomination for the "Bitch Slap Award" is Diana Wallis MEP.

This is Diana Wallis MEP.


"As direct democracy experts begin to step up their preparations for 1 April 2012, when the first European Citizens' Initiatives can be registered, much uncertainty remains as to how the scheme will work in practice even after the adoption of a specific regulation". (Direct Democracy, what a joke)...

"We have to help the child take the first step," said UK Liberal MEP Diana Wallis during a conference organised by the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) last week (17 March)"

Who the fuck talks like that unless you are a patronising stupid cow? I can't quite decide whether her attitude is because she is a LIBDIM or a Europhile, probably both.

Yes, I'd like to slap her one and wipe that smug smile off her face!
Source Euractiv


  1. Just imagine if I ran that at my place. :)

  2. Exactly :)

    Nominations by email please.. I will provide the platform, your identity will remain private :)

  3. My current bête noire has to be Mary Honeyball; she has taken over from Margot Walstrom.

    Being a mere male I can not be nasty to our lady MEPs but the deluded arrogance of these women is breathtaking.

  4. Sue,

    Candidate number 3 has to be Lucas the Green - Please?

  5. I can see you all agree with me. You've just been dying to bitch slap some of our female politicians :)

    I don't know why females become such patronising harpies when they enter politics. It's a strange phenomena!

  6. "Baroness" Ashton. Just for insulting ugly.