Thursday, 17 February 2011

Prisoner's Votes and the ECHR

It is ironic that a jumped up bunch of megalomaniacs seem to pick on the UK for every little thing instead of first looking in their own back yards to clear up the intolerable conditions that exist in their prisons. Lets face facts here, if you land up in a British prison and all you have to worry about, is getting the vote, things can't be that bad!

Of course, Jean-Paul Costa is French. Lets just see a snippet of FRENCH JUSTICE SHALL WE? (Please click the graphic to enlarge it).

and of course we know how humane the GREEK PRISON SYSTEM IS

Lets not even go into how nice it is to be in an Italian Prison.

on the other hand of course, there are British Prisons..... Let's not bring up Sky TV, internet access, gyms and free degrees. Let's not touch on "smoking" cells, when terminal patients in hospitals have to go outside for a fag....


I'm not even going to look up conditions that exist in the countries of the other judges like :

Bosnia & Herzegovina
or Serbia

because I think you'll find Playstations and votes are simply NOT ON THE LIST OF PRIORITIES FOR THEIR INMATES!

So, I have one thing to say to the fucktards of the ECHR.. FUCK THE FUCK OFF!


  1. At the ECHR one Ayşe Işıl Karakaş represents Turkey. The head honcho of my local probabtion service visits that country as part of an EU team inspecting progress towards EU norms in its prison and probation regime. Asked how far away Turkey was she replied "light years".

    Amusingly there is no representative from that cradle of humanity, Belarus while Britains sole member is balanced by Josep Casadevall for Andorra, section president no less, a country with 68 inhabitants.

    I see where this is going. ECHR will be The Senate (one state, one senator) to the EU Commission as Congress.

    I note that Parliament caved in to our 'supreme courts' decision to allow pedos the right to have their shamed names removed from the sick bastards register without mentioning that the EU was behind that ruling.

  2. I'm not quite so concerned about that Banned. I think the government will make the appeal procedure quite difficult.

    Remember, an 18 year boy can be accused of rape if he sleeps with a 15 year old girl, a situation which, in my opinion is not really rape if it's consensual.

    An appeal procedure should always be available to everyone who has been imprisoned and there are situations whereby certain people should be allowed the benefit of the doubt and not have to suffer for the rest of their lives for an error in judgement.

    Paedo's on the hand should be chemically castrated :)

  3. Why can't J-P Costa and the rest of the ECHR see that they are acting as an unelected dictatorship? Presumably we (the UK government) signed up to it when we didn't know what kind of tyranny it would grow into, and they regard that as a part of "European democracy"?

  4. Mike, it's become a monster, just like the EU. Uncontrollable, power crazed, idiotic and not fit for the purpose to which is was created.

  5. I agree with you Sue; in my teens and twenties I had a good mate who had been 'seduced' by his state school history 'mistress' at the tender age of 15. We, his contemporaries, all, thought 'lucky him!'.

    He had the usual variety of girlfriends thereafter but 'B' was always there in the background for him. They spent about five years in his mid-twenties as a live-in couple before they drifted apart as is the modern way.

    These days she would (wrongly IMHO) be in gaol and with no chance of being removed from the Sex Offenders Register but that should be for us to decide, not the Evil EfuckingU which pays scant attention to local customs and practise.

  6. I see where this is going. ECHR will be The Senate (one state, one senator) to the EU Commission as Congress.

    More like the Supreme Court and the executive arm, though in truth not very like either when they are effectively unconstrained. Congress would be roughly equivalent to the EU Parliament though with two quite different Houses to Europe's unicameral talking shop again it's not a very fair comparison. I'd say a better match would be Supreme Court of the USSR, the Politburo for the Commission and the Supreme Soviet for the EU Parliament. Locations of the Euro-gulags are TBC.

  7. banned : It's a contentious subject and each case should be looked at sensibly and logically. Girls are far more mature than they should be at 14 or 15. There has to be a line but as I said, each case is unique and should be treated as such.

    AE : Everything needs to be brought back down to earth again. We can't have "Gods" dictating to us from above, having absolutely no idea of how ordinary people think and live.