Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Muslims In Europe - The Truth

Douglas Murray... The Muslims of Europe... have let down Europe

h/t The Final Redoubt (excellent blog btw)


  1. "That's avery large migration, the largest in human history"
    Quite so and how many of our governments encouraged it while lying about trying to slow it down?

    This is a very brave man to speak about the many and varied intolerances of Islam itself. But he is ultimatly wrong. Europe has indeed failed Moslems by failing to insist that they integrate the moment that they arrived.

    What was his audience?

  2. His audience seemed like a mixed bunch.

    I don't agree with you though. We didn't have to insist that Hindu's, Buddhists or anyone else had to integrate, they just did.

    If you moved to an Islamic country, you would soon integrate without any "nudging".

    Those Muslims that don't integrate intend to dominate.

    This sort of immigration is called "Invasion" and that's precisely what they are "Conquerors", with lots of help from our fucking useless government and the EU.

  3. Fair point about the Hindu's and Buddhists Sue but the Moslems didn't so they should have been told.

    There are some very scary comments on the Youtube page, I hope to be long gone before the civil war/pogroms and mass deportations come to pass but, if they do, it will be their own fault and that of the lefty liberal apologists who enabled it to happen.

  4. I cant' see that they've "let down" Europe. They're just the enemy of Europe.