Thursday, 11 November 2010

Buzek Blackmail?

Buzek on today's 2011 budget negotiation round.

Immediately after today's round of budget negotiations, the President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek stated:

"Negotiations are ongoing. Differences still exist between the European Parliament on one side and the Council on the other. Parliament is ready to accept the modest increase in payments in next year's budget. We are not asking for one euro more on the condition that our political expectations are met".


"The European Parliament fully understands the difficult economic situation in the Member States. I have been a Prime Minister myself and know from my own experience what it means to handle a tough economic and budgetary situation.

The Parliament is ready to have a deal on figures if there is an agreement on our political demands. We do not want to change the Treaty, we want a serious agreement on how we will work together in the future of EU financing including new own resources, which could be the best way to reduce national contributions to the EU budget".

Is this the "direct taxation" he's talking about?
Is this blackmail?

Update : The Standard has picked up on this too now. What a cheek these people have got!


  1. Why do we all have such boring names? Jerzy Buzek - it sounds great.

  2. "Is this the "direct taxation" he's talking about?
    Is this blackmail?"


    @ JH, how do you mean boring? What's wrong with 'James Higham' or 'Mark Wadsworth'?

  3. You know, Sue, these people know the pain that the EU countries are experiencing and yet all they can think of is taking more money.

    There can be no illusions now as to who they are really looking after - it's themselves.