Thursday, 9 September 2010

This is getting ridiculous!


Until all this crap started, I wasn't racist, but I'm quickly getting there.......This is where we begin to say NO MORE!

"A tectonic shift is in motion: How fitting that its focal point is Ground Zero, the inevitable fault line between Islam and the West.

We look around us and we see our country unrivaled by anything in the history of human tolerance. We see thousands of thriving mosques, permitted to operate freely even though we know for a fact that mosques have been used against us, repeatedly, to urge terrorism, recruit terrorists, raise money for terrorists, store and transfer firearms, and inflame Muslims against America and the West. As Islamists rage against us, we see Islam celebrated in official Washington. As we reach out for the umpty-umpth time, we find Muslim leaders taking what we offer, but always with complaint and never with reciprocation. We’re weary, and we don’t really care if that means that Time magazine, Michael Bloomberg, Katie Couric, Fareed Zakaria, and the rest think we’re bad people — they think we’re bad people, anyway....

So finally we’re asking: Where is this “moderate Islam” you’ve been telling us about? Why would a self-proclaimed bridge-builder insist on something so patently provocative and divisive? How can we be sure that if imam Rauf builds his monument on our graveyard, it won’t become what other purportedly “moderate” Islamic centers have become: a cauldron of anti-American vitriol?"

Read the whole article by ANDREW C. McCARTHY National Review here.

This applies in Europe too, it's time to say NO MORE! Either integrate or leave.

Thanks for Jihad Watch for the link.


  1. Try Resentist rather than racist, Sue.

  2. No, I fucked off with political correctness.

    NO MORE!!!!!

  3. The ringtone article misses out the most important bit. So where can I get it from?

    Some use of Google may be required.

  4. I'm not even sure what song it is. I am downloading the film at the moment, purely because I am curious. The IMDB says the tracks are from Bananarama, Black Lace and Madness. I can only assume one of those has the "racist" message.

  5. I vaguely remember the film, Sue, and I think it would most likely be one of the Madness songs.

    I used to be a very tolerant person and I also used to allow myself to be sidetracked by the usual Lefty distraction tactics, (you know the ones), but no more - I've seen right through them over the years and there is no way that I'll tolerate any crap from these bastards - and that's not racist!

  6. Doesn't look like it's a song; it's dialogue. No sign of a wav file yet though.

  7. Films nearly downloaded over torrent, will let you know when I have watched it.

  8. Yes Spidey, I've had enough. I will not be victimised to placate anyone's sensibilities.

    I have never been violent with anyone in my whole life and have always been a good citizen paying my way and contributing to society.

    I have an opinion and I am a free person. I will speak my mind from now on in and if it offends, tough.