Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Suspicious? What do you think?

I don't know what it is but something about this EU Referendum site of Mr Hannan's is nagging at me.....


I've been mulling this over and it may just be that we are heading for another "Ireland"...the extra money being spent by the EU on propaganda (usual job/trade scare tactics) and "entertaining journalists" (bribery), may make them feel confident enough to give us the referendum. They know the subject is not going to go away. The only way to shut the sceptics up, is to get a YES vote.

"Parliament has approved a controversial report which calls for an increase in the “journalistic output and visibility” of the EU.

The non-binding report says “experienced media professionals” should be hired to “inform the public” of parliament’s activities.

Its adoption in Strasbourg comes in the wake of recent claims by UK think tank Open Europe that the EU last year spent over €8m on entertaining, training and 'informing' journalists with €2.6m spent on transport, accommodation and sustenance.

That sparked accusations that the EU was using taxpayers' money to “wine and dine journalists" something eurosceptics say represents a conflict of interest.

The latest move has been branded a "full frontal assault by the EU to create a propaganda machine."

Read the whole article here


  1. Well Sue, it is Hannan and of late I have to wonder at his true agenda.

    I will however remind him to beware a woman's intuition as I am sure your vengeance will be total!

  2. I am horribly suspicious, aren't I? I guess it's just that I don't trust Conservatives anymore. I mean, what has he been up to lately? Not a word from Carswell either.... it's troubling me.

  3. You're not wrong Sue. I have had my suspicions too. I'll drop you a line ;-)

  4. @Sue: Carswell's responded

  5. Hey guys... :)

    We have to try to get Sky News or that new morning show on ITV to give the site a mention!!!

  6. They may just fatally overreach themselves, if this is what they are planning.

    Good! Bring it on!

  7. I think that's already beginning Julia :)

  8. I should go and look at the comment left on WfW from Edward Spalton.

    A 'in or out' referendum brings a huge risk.

    We anti EUers had better be well prepared because these crooks are going to throw the kitchen sink at us.

    And I'm even becoming to doubt some of 'US' - if you get what I mean.