Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Lufthansa flying over Britain

German airline Lufthansa flew planes over London today, despite British aircraft remaining grounded because of the volcanic dust chaos.

The white condensation trails from up to a dozen Lufthansa passenger jets were spotted over the capital as the German national carrier was given permission to fly above England.

They were among about 200 planes flying above 20,000 ft - and above the volcanic ash cloud - (using a 'corridor' through UK airspace) to get to their destinations, according to air traffic controllers at NATS. Daily Mail

Is it the takeoff and landing our pilots can't cope with? The atmosphere is clear above 20,000 ft. What's going on?

I'm only saying because Mr MV said he can't make it home this weekend.. :(


  1. You've hit the nail on the head. I've been in communication with an Icelandic lady all the while and it's nowhere near as bad as the EU makes out.

  2. Oh DEAR! The Mail has spotted GERMANS flying over Britain!

    DEARY me. They WON'T like THAT, with their heads srtill buried in their "WWII" arseholes, will they?

  3. There were vapour trails over the southwest on Tuesday morning.

  4. Banned, I THINK I said it on your blogg site (?), but living under the flight path to Tegel, and pretty damn near to that of Schönefeld, the entire time that they were SUPPOSED to be closed, flights were going in and out not much less than on a "normal" day.

    It has aslo not stopped a NATO exercize, although a few F-16s and F-22s DID show signs of ash damage, and the Finish airforce has reported similar.