Monday, 19 April 2010

Do you think? Nah!

A number of European carriers have run test flights which they say have identified no problems operating in areas closed by the authories. British Airways said one of its planes encountered "perfect" conditions between Heathrow and Cardiff airport.

In an attempt to address criticism that the Government has been slow to respond to the crisis, Gordon Brown announced that two Royal Navy ships would be used to ferry stranded travellers back to Britain. Source The Telegraph

HMS Ark Royal and HMS Ocean will be made available for the relief effort, Mr Brown said, after a meeting of the emergency planning committee Cobra in Whitehall.

Even the mother of all nannies, the EU has stated that the No-Fly Zone is excessive.

Let me ask you this. How many times can you remember the British Government rescuing any Britons abroad for any reason, in the last 15 years? NADA, ZIP, ZERO. They don't. They abandon their citizens whilst arranging private jets for terrorists.

It looks to me (especially after the write up in the Daily Mail), that Gordon is trying to be the "hero". He's trying to prove he has compassion for his fellow countrymen, which we all know is absolute bollocks.

The only way left for Gordon to ingratiate himself with the electorate, is by milking to the full, any disaster!


  1. What a total twat, with up to 250,000 Brits stranded by yet another Met Office Computer Stimulation WTF difference are a couple of our few remaining Royal Navy ships going to make except to provide a few photos of exhausted, yet gratefull, families disembarking at Southampton into the gurning features of Brown, the cunt.

  2. MV, at the risk of repetition, the no fly zone is controlled by the EU - nothing to do with our Govt or the Met Office.

    Banned, I would question the phrase a few remaining Royal Navy ships - more like all our Royal Navy ships!

  3. WFW. Ah but, the mathematical model that they were working from was produced by the Met Office.

  4. True Sue (hey, that rhymes) but be fair, what happens when you get two lots of wanchors colluding?

  5. The Climate Change Scandal?

  6. They can afford the fuel for a PR stunt, but when it comes to everyday operations they are confind to port.

    I am now just settling down with my non halal rabbit that I hit with a humane headshot, whilst day dreaming of using it on those Marxist A#£$%^&=s

    Happy thoughts...

  7. The way he can endear himself is to go gracefully to the gallows.

  8. I can't get that Pat Condell clip to play.

  9. Let me ask you this. How many times can you remember the British Government rescuing any Britons abroad for any reason, in the last 15 years?

    They have. I can not fucking remember WHERE. I do remember there was one twat (Not the one eyed zombie sheep shagger infesting Downing street, another one), that the Skipper would not let aboard because he was a "known terrorist", and was deemed to have surrendered his British citizen-ship.

    I am pretty sure it was in the Eastern Med somewhere, AND I think that it was the Ark Royal, as well.

    Plus, didn't they send a ship or two, to ferry back people after that Tsunami thing, a few years back?

  10. FT. You're finding it difficult to remember ONE!

    Normally whatever happens this government abandons White Brits. If you're a pregnant Nigerian woman being tried for drug smuggling in the far east, they'll go out of their way to help get you back.

  11. Difficult to remember the details.

    NOT the same thing.

    If it has been opf any great interest to me at the time, no doubt it would have registered more to your satisfaction.

  12. Here it is;

  13. And another, that got at least to the same stage as the lates planning;