Tuesday, 13 April 2010

English Speaking Schools.

"A FAILING secondary school is being forced to beg for multi-lingual volunteers to help teachers cope with the 39 different languages spoken by its pupils.

Endeavour High School in Hull has seen a “meteoric” rise in pupils who do not speak English as their first language.

Many come from eastern Europe but there are also children from Cambodia, the Congo and Taiwan, with Kurdish, Mandarin, Arabic, Polish and Farsi among the most common languages.

What the fuck are Cambodians, Congolese, Taiwanese, Kurdish, Mandarin and Arabic people doing in our fucking country? They are NOT EU! Isn't it bad enough that our schools have to cope with a myriad of European languages?

"In 2005 just six per cent of pupils at Endeavour had a foreign language as their primary tongue. Today, following Labour’s open-door immigration policy, these pupils account for almost a third, with many unable to utter a single word of English upon arrival". Express online for the rest of the article.

Time to separate the schoolchildren. Those children that don't speak English should be taught English first before they are allowed into mainstream education. This would not only ensure that they are better prepared but would give the schools time to absorb those extra children at a slower, more organised pace.

This is a problem that will not go away. It puts a ridiculous amount of pressure on teachers and worse still, the remainder of students can't possibly be receiving an adequate education.

Still, that's what our politicians want, stupid people who don't question the establishment.


  1. Your last two paragraphs say it all Sue. The only children who have a hope in education these days are those who come from families who are determined their children will do well. Many families just don't know how well/badly their children are doing because the standards of testing have dropped so far.

  2. Its a shame because if we would only put political correctness aside, all would benefit!