Thursday, 8 April 2010

Dan Hannan and the EU

As much as I admire Daniel Hannan, I wish he would stop pretending that the Conservatives are Eurosceptic.

His recent blogposts have given Telegraph readers the idea that we may just get our "cast iron in-out" referendum.

What. Under Cameron? You must be joking!

May I just say to him... Either put up or shut the fuck up. You are getting on my tits!!!

Stop pretending that you are one of us, the "great ignored" and come clean or leave the Conservatives and join a party which actually IS eurosceptic.


  1. I am an ardent fan, Sue, as you know but we have to get rid of Labour. I'm afraid in this election there is only one hope. Now, really, really stuff Labour and that would put the fear of God in all of them. Next time we could have a real election and real choice. Never will we reach that goal if Labour are not broken.

  2. I know what you are saying OR, but it goes against my conscience to vote for a party that is determined to destroy our sovereignty. I just can´t bring myself to do it.

    We deserve better than this sham of a party that call themselves Conservatives. They are not.

    There will be little difference if they get into power. They have already voted the Digital Economy Bill through for a back peddle on the rise of cider. FFS!

    Is that who you want in power? Their agenda is the same as labours. The New World Order is firmly entrenched in all three major parties.

    The UK is about to be broken into EU regions and the Tories ain´t said a fucking word!!!