Friday, 26 March 2010

Has Dave Got Cast Iron Balls When it Matters?

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me introduce you to the new Nazi's of Europe. Whoever said that the EU was a democratic institution?

In other words, The Germans,Belgians and French want a say in the way we run our economy.

Not such a bad thing you might think if Labour were to stay in power but the Tories have pledged "to hold a referendum on any new European treaties and have called for powers to be repatriated to Britain" and I'm presuming they'll win the election.

Merkel wants to make changes to the Lisbon Treaty but, only the changes that SHE WANTS! I thought we were a "union?"... obviously I'm wrong, Merkel is the boss of us! How did that fucking happen?

She insisted that an incoming Conservative Government would not be allowed to use the treaty to negotiate for the return of British powers and has even challenged the Tory leader to defy the might of Berlin????

Didn't Hitler say things like that? Fuck!

This is Cameron's chance to show he has some balls!


  1. I wouldn't presume on the Tories winning the election. Their lead was only 2% last opinion poll and not enough to win against Labour gerrymandering.

    I doubt Dave has a cast iron anything, not after the Lisbon retreat, he's more likely to turn tail or roll over and play dead.

  2. At least Brown does have Balls. Heaven only knows what Samantha plays with!

    Hows that for a basic comment?

  3. Natural Tories queing up to ensure more of Jimmy and Peter Pederast EU surrender continues. Whatever Cameron's position on this Axis he's the only forlorn hope we have.

  4. Short answer "No".

    Long answer, he doesn't even appear determined to win this election, given he's had 13 years "luxury of opposition" to come up with a credible counter-plan.

  5. Great post ;-) Fuck! We're fucked . . .or maybe not! (as the chance of a Tory victory slips away by the second!) And if that happens I'll elope anyway!

  6. Auch Sue, I've just written about this for morning. Never mind, you say it so much better and I'll go and put a link to you.

  7. Cotton wool balls, methinks, Sue.

  8. "This is Cameron's chance to show he has some balls!"

    Hasn't Mrs Cam and the impending sprog shown that? ;)

    But no, agree with QM - he'll roll over.

  9. I'm beginning to despair There seems to be no difference between the parties. Once upon a time you knew what the Tories stood for. Now with Labour supposedly taking the middle ground and Cameron's Tories also moving to the left, you don't know where you are. If I stayed in England I would definately be voting UKIP because at least they stand for something. We are about to pay £7.6 billion in net contributions to the EC. How much better that could be spent in our own country.