Monday, 29 March 2010

Go Compare!

It seems I'm not the only one!

I have just had enough of that fucking advert.

Can somebody please stab that Fat Screaming Wanker on the Go Compare Advert, pretty please?

As if that would entice me to buy ANYTHING!


That is All. Thank You :)


  1. The Keeper of the Remote Control in this house is under threat of eviction if he doesn't mute the sound when that comes on.

  2. Sue, Sue,

    This is aimed at the masses - you know, the ones who have a vote?

  3. You realise, of course, that the best adverts are the ones that are memorable even if for the wrong reasons. As soon as 'that' tune comes on you know the name of the company the advert is promoting.

    Whoever designed it should be given a medal.

    Then shot.

  4. mw,

    Being shot is too kind - they should be sentenced to vote Labour (or Conservative or LibDem) all their life!

  5. SR, that is feminist and equal opportunism, sorry, error there - I meant to say 'female dictatorship'? Is not marriage a partnership, mutually agreed decisions, living in peace and harmony, catering for the other's views etc, etc?

  6. I have the remote control but I resent having to rush for it the moment this stupid ad comes on. It wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't so shrill. I hate opera anyway!

  7. He's actually a real opera singer and is apparently hated by other opera singers for demeaning their "art" - and everyone else in the world as high on our most-want-to-waterboard list.

    Friday nights down the pub are probably lonely times for him.

  8. I'm always tempted to throw the remote through the TV screen when this twat comes on.... which is practically every bleedin' ad break!

  9. lol . . .excellent! (Clearly I agree!!!)

  10. Agree, it is utterly awful. However, the fact that it is so irritating makes people remember the name so it may be very effective advertising.

    I like the one with the cows going miiiiilk! miiiilk! Also that new one for Nike trainers for the obvious reason that I am a ghastly old bottom fetishist.