Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Diane Abbott

Old Holborn is one of my favourite bloggers, so I tend to read his blog daily but today it seems as though one of his posts has touched a nerve with Ms Abbott and her adoring subjects.

Not only was the video pulled but OH's site was reported as spam in a pathetic attempt to get it deleted. How low can some people get?

Why so sensitive, one might ask? Why indeed. Could it be that the video is too embarrassing for Ms Abbott and the Labour Party?

You see, when I was at school we used praise God, the Queen, our wonderful country and even the school.. but never an ordinary person (which is what Ms Abbott is). That would have been in very bad taste, especially in the way this one has been done.

Whose idea was this? They need to see a psychiatrist or better still, they should get the sack. Is this an early lesson in how to suck up to your local MP in order to get something?

It smacks of Hitler Youth, it shows how far our children are being influenced politically, probably without their parents knowledge!

The brainwashing starts early with Labour and the socialists, they want to make absolutely certain that the next generation are under no illusion who should be worshipped and obeyed.

It's all beyond words......Sick, just really sick!

Children Of The Revolution

UPDATE. This video was removed from DailyMotion's site. It was originally removed from youtube. Diane Abbott must be squirming.... she should be ashamed of herself!


  1. It's just like in the US where some public school teacher was getting her kids to sing songs in praise of Obama and his policies. Fortunately, many parents took issue with the teacher and got her to stop. There is less tolerance for such behavior in my country.

  2. That arsehole should be strung up
    by his gonads..... he can't have done that without some sort of approval from his superiors - sack the bloody lot of them!

    Can you imagine the Lefty wailing if they were still being taught patriotic songs?

  3. Sue,

    You really must stop seeing the 'black side' of every problem!

    You sure you feel ok? The reason I ask is because no swearing - at least on your part - although I see BS has helped out!

  4. It's just Labour, I hate them! They ruined my country. They've turned it into a mini version of America. It's no longer a pleasant place to live unless you have lots of money.

    No wonder people take drugs and get pissed every weekend. They're miserable and its this governments fault.

  5. Hatred is a wasted energy, Sue. I like the possibility of cold revenge in the very near future. God willing!

  6. My jaw dropped to the floor when i saw this, Goebbels would be so proud.

  7. OR. It's hatred mixed with absolute pain and despair. I love my country and it's been turned into a shitpit.

    Anon.. He would indeed!

  8. Aye I had it too Sue and then I was told it had been categorised as 'private'. Just appalling.

  9. I would imagine that New Labour forces attempted to "Spam" Holborns blog, in response to his showing the brainwashed kiddie blogger, a cold harsh lesson into the realities of politics away from her Socialist teachers the other night...

    Yet as usual with these vile Socialists, it's all done undercover using tax payers monies, in paying off big corporations to act on their own behalf, against any non believers or pain in the arse dissenters.

    Am I Cynical? Just watch this vid....

  10. Adam R. We should be more like you Americans and speak up. I don't know why the British public are so apathetic.

    Subrosa. If you don't want people seeing what you've been up to, don't put it in the public domain. The thought obviously didn't occur to them that the video was in very bad taste and gave us an insight into how Labour are educating our children.

    Dazed.. You're not cynical.. you're correct and we need to weed this cancer out of schools!

  11. Did he really change his name by Deed Poll?

  12. Youtube and Daily motion might have been got at but Blogger seem quite happy with it for now.

    Isn't it illegal to use school funds and resources to promote one politician over others? That white boy in the white top looks shit scared to me!