Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Geert Wilders on Trial

A true fighter for Freedom of Speech, Geert Wilders

The Wilders On Trial website is up and running in English so you can follow the events of his trial.

Possibly one of the most important trials for Freedom of Speech this decade.

"It’s hard for people outside the Netherlands to realize that this is the trial of the century. For those parts of the world that still cling to the tattered shreds of Christian civilization, the outcome of the Geert Wilders trial is of enormous importance.

The judicial fate of a single Dutchman will help determine whether we can rekindle the dying embers of our culture, or whether instead we must shuffle off meekly into the twilight of dhimmitude and sharia" ... Gates of Vienna.

Have we been silenced by Islam?


  1. Not yet - bur they are certainly trying...

  2. Try waving around home made sign like "Behead the Pope", "Kill all christians", etc, but replace the christian references with muslim, and see what happens.

    Yes of COURSE we are being silenced by this scum.

  3. It's a kangeroo court, they've dismissed 90% of his witnesses. That was after they declared themselves fit to try this case in the first place.

    If Wilders loses, we've all lost something precious in the West.

  4. No, we've been silenced by the desire of the politically correct for everyone else to be of the same opinion as them.

    It's not fascism when they do it.

    Personally I don't think much of Wilders or his film (do agree with some of it though) but the important thing here is his right to call things as he sees them. The litmus test for someone's belief in freedom is if they can tolerate someone doing or saying something they can't stand and disagree with in the strongest possible terms. The righteous won't do that and can't even understand it.

    They fail.

  5. Yes, this is a litmus test all right.

  6. So I don't know if you will have heard there.

    Virtually ALL the witnesses Wilders called have been barred by the court, whilst "the other side" have not had ONE barred.