Friday, 29 January 2010

Bliar the War Criminal

Tony Blair's key quotes

"This isn’t about a lie or a conspiracy or a deceit or a deception. It’s a decision. I had to take the decision. I believed, and in the end the Cabinet believed - so did Parliament incidentally - that we were right not to run that risk."
"The decision I took - and frankly would take again - was if there was any possibility that he could develop weapons of mass destruction we should stop him. That was my view then and that is my view now."
"This is a profoundly wicked, I would say almost psychopathic, man [Saddam Hussein]. We were obviously worried that after him his two sons seemed to be as bad, if not worse.

You see, Iraq was invaded, thousands of people have died, the world is now a much less safer place because of "thought crime"

..... the decision he took was not just his to make.

Brown is a megalomaniac but I don't see anyone trying to topple him!

Where is Chaudary and his band of miserable muslims? Where are the UAF speaking out for Iraqi muslims? Not a murmer......

The war is illegal!


  1. The war isn't/wasn't illegal because Parliament decided it wasn't. It was misguided, foolish and very unwise though.

    Have a look at Norman Tebbits view, it somewhat coincides with my own.

  2. I DO agree with him most of the time too!

  3. MV,

    For me, it is a tad academic anyway as to paraphrase Gordon Brown, There is nothing that man could say to me that I would believe.

    Unless he owned up to being a prat and con artist - like Cameron!

  4. ....which they're hardly going to do!

    They all in it so deep, they'd drown if it wasn't for the friends in high places.

    Everyone knows these wars are illegal or at best immoral.

  5. Bliar wanted to become rich and famous by arse licking Clinton and Bush. No better than a fag end bi-sexual whore!