Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Ch Ch Ch Changes.......

Change We See, Change We are Not Allowed to See

Labour's New Media Project goes tits up and backfires on them!

"Labour seems to have forgotten one of the first principles of crowd-sourcing: the crowd may see things very differently from you.

The party has launched a social media campaign, entitled “Change we see”, which asks people to share photographs of buildings that illustrate Labour’s achievements since 1997. They hoped for images of hospitals, schools, Sure Start centers and the like.

Instead, photographers have pointed out that one change they have seen is a rise in the number of stop and searches by the police. So instead of adding pretty pictures of their local hospital to the Flickr group, they have uploaded copies of the stop and search forms they were given while trying to take photos in public places".

"Update: Labour has now deleted a discussion started by gnasheruk and has locked the group so that no one can start a new discussion. And, as Jono Warren pointed out, some troublesome soul has started a “Change we are not allowed to see” Flickr group"

Submissions required.,....... We must get some great photos up on the site :)


  1. There's plent of pics at my place, Sue! Especially Mandy and Jimmy's nuptials!

  2. We could flood the site with "anti labour" stuff Oldrightie!

    I think we all have plenty :)

  3. Ollie Cromwell has a version of this complete with code for putting on your blogsite & also a Facebook group. See Red Rag.

  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Obama have a campaign slogan similar to 'Change we see'.

    Wasn't it 'Change we need'.

    I know Brown is in love with everything Obama, but can't he come up with something original.