Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Thanks Labour!

What a lovely diverse society we now live in, thanks to Labour's little utopian experiment. Just don't ever ask me why people vote BNP again because quite honestly, I won't be able to answer you truthfully without sounding racist!



  1. Indeed. Whatever you do, Sue, you must never express the idea that anyone who doesn't appreciate the society they have chosen to live in is always free to fuck off to some other society, say not a million miles away from Saudi Arabia or Somalia, where they may feel more at home. Such an attitude is totally unacceptable: it will not do to tell them to fuck off if they don't like. So, don't do it. OK?

  2. Not really bothered, these lads are the dregs of society, even of their own; interested only in impressing their mates and 'bitches' ( apologies Ladies ) in their sad and silly little lives ( I know, I've been there ). They would consider a flour bomb attack on the local Poundshop or Happy Shopper a major coup whereas anything significant on a target further away would be outside their interest.

  3. Give 'em a peerage. That'll sort 'em out.